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Geovision DVR Card Support

Technical Support Articles and How-to Guides for Geovision PC Based Surveillance DVRs and NVRs

This page contains technical support and setup information for the Geovision PC Based DVRs / NVRs from CCTV Camera Pros. Geovision PC based recorders can be DVRs based on a Geovision DVR card, an NVR based on Geovision IP camera software, or a hybrid combination of both.

Because the user interface on the Geovision varies with version number, the setup articles are organized into 2 sections.

If you are unsure which version of Geovision that you have, please refer to the About Main Console section in your Geovision software. Please note that the client application setup instructions are below because they apply to all Geovision software versions.

Geovision GV-DVR/NVR Support

Geovision Version 8.5 and Above

These instructions apply to Geovision GV-NVR / DVR version 8.5 and above.

System Planning

These articles help customers in planning a surveillance system installation with Geovision.

Initial Setup / Getting Started

This is where we recommend started if you are setting up a new DVR.

Remote Internet Access

The how-to articles in this section will help iDVR-PRO users setup remote access to their DVR so that they can view their security cameras live, playback recorded surveillance footage, and perform other functions using remote access apps.

Alarms and Alerts

The articles in this section include how-to setup the alarm inputs/outputs and how-to setup alarm alerts.

Advanced Setup

Here are some advanced setup topics along with functions that are performed less often.

Client Applications Setup / DVR Viewer Software & Mobile Apps

The below articles contain instructions on how to setup the client applications for iDVR including iPhone, Android, iPad mobile apps, Windows and Mac DVR viewer software.

Geovision DVR Version 8.4 and Below

These instructions apply to versions 8.4 and below of the Geovision GV-DVR / NVR surveillance software.