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CCTV Video Multiplexers

A video multiplexer (also known as a video mux, CCTV multiplexer, or color quad processor) combines video signals from multiple CCTV security cameras, or other analog video devices, and displays the video streams on one monitor. This allows the video from all cameras to be recorded on a recording device that has only one video input, such as a surveillance VCR. For example, if you have four security cameras, each of the four video signals from each camera is synchronized by the CCTV multiplexer and recorded on the same video tape.
Video multiplexers and color quad processors are also useful in video surveillance systems that have complex monitor display requirements. The multiplexers that CCTV camera Pros supplies are capable of handling various screen display configurations. Please watch these video demonstrations to see how these devices allow the user to select between single camera, dual camera, quad / grid, eight channel, nine channel, and sixteen channel grid views using the wireless remote control that is included.
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HD TVI AHD CCTV Mutliplexer HD CCTV Multiplexer, Analog, AHD, TVI Video Quad Screen Processor

The VM-HD4 HD CCTV Multiplexer features:
  • Supports up to 4 Security Cameras
  • Analog CCTV, TVI, and AHD Cameras Supported
  • 4 BNC Video Inputs
  • 1080p Video Output via HDMI or VGA
  • Real time refresh rate
  • Selectable Video Display Modes
  • Quad, PIP, Dual Split, Full Screen, Auto Sequence
  • Image Freeze Function
  • Image Zoom
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
  • Power Supply Included

Our Price: $169.99
Video Mux CCTV Multiplexer VM-16RT Video Mux, 16 Channel CCTV Multiplexer, Real-time Refresh, BNC

The VM-16RT video mux / CCTV multiplexer features:

  • 16 Channel Color Video Multiplexer
  • 16 Channel BNC Input
  • 16 Channel BNC Video Loop Outputs
  • Supports NTSC and PAL Video Formats
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, & 16 Channel Screen Division
  • Picture in Picture & Dual PIP
  • Configurable Screen Sequencing
  • Real Time Video Display Refresh Rate
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
  • Dimensions: 19" (482.6mm) x 11.5" (292.1mm) x 2" (50.8mm)

Our Price: $499.99
Color Quad Processor CCTV Color Quad Processor, Quad Multiplexer, CCTV Quad Screen Splitter

The VM-Q401A Color Quad Processor features:
  • Supports up to 4 Security Cameras
  • BNC Video Inputs
  • Supports Analog CCTV Cameras Only
  • 4 Channel Audio / RCA Inputs
  • Real time refresh rate
  • Selectable Video Display Modes
  • Quad, PIP, Dual Split, Full Screen, Auto Sequence
  • Image Freeze Function
  • Selectable Image Zoom Area
  • Text Overlay
  • Playback in Quad or Full Screen when used with Surveillance VCR
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
  • Power Supply Included

Our Price: $129.99
CCTV Video Multiplexer 9 Channel CCTV Video Multiplexer, Analog BNC Video In / BNC Video Out

The VM-99509 9 Channel CCTV Video Multiplexer features:
  • 9 Channel BNC Video Input
  • 9 Channel BNC Video Loop Output
  • 2 Channel BNC CVBS Video Output
  • NTSC and PAL Camera Support
  • Works with D1 and 960H Resolution CCTV cameras
  • Wireless Remote included
  • Rack Mount Kit included
  • DC power supply included

Our Price: $299.99

CCTV Video Multiplexer & Color Quad Processor Videos

VM-HD4 - HD CCTV Quad Multiplexer

The above video demonstrates the 1080p HDMI video output of the VM-HD4. In the video, the VM-HD4 has (4) 1080p security cameras connected to it - 2 AHD and 2 TV cameras. Please select 1080p video resolution in the lower right of the YouTube video player and watch in full screen mode to see the best quality video.

These videos demonstrate the video processor capability of the VM-16RT video multiplexer and the VM-Q401A color quad processor. Both videos were created by connecting four CCTV cameras to each device and connecting the output of the device to a 42" flat screen monitor. A high definition video recorder was set on a tripod to video tape the output. Please note that when videos are converted an uploaded to youTube for display on web pages, some quality degradation occurs, so actual display resolution is typically better that what is seen in these videos.

VM-16RT - 16 Channel CCTV Multiplexer

VM-Q401A - CCTV Quad Prodcessor

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