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PIR Motion Detector Sensor

Motion sensors / motion detectors can be integrated with video surveillance systems to provide additional security for buildings and also outdoor areas. For example, a PIR sensor (passive infrared) can be connected to the alarm input of a security camera DVR or IP camera NVR to trigger video recording and send an alert to the property owner that motion has been detected in a certain area. CCTV Camera Pros sells indoor and outdoor motion sensors that have been tested with the video surveillance systems that we supply.

Watch this video to see how video surveillance recording is triggered using a motion detector. Please consult the below installation diagrams, read these frequently asked questions, and / or contact us if you have any questions about how-to integrate motion detectors with your security camera system.

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PIR Motion Detector PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune Indoor Motion Sensor, Alarm Output

The TAKEX PA-450PI PIR motion detector features:

  • Indoor Installation
  • Passive Infrared Detection System
  • Long Range Motion Detection - Up to 11 Meters / 36 Feet
  • 84° Sensor Head
  • Dry Contact Relay Output - NO / NC Select-able
  • Separate Dry Contact Tamper Detection NC Signal
  • Day and Night Motion Detection
  • Acceptable Power Supply Voltage 10V DC to 18V DC
  • Power Consumption 25mA or less
  • Includes 12V DC Power Supply

Our Price: $49.99
Outdoor Motion Sensor Outdoor Motion Sensor, Weatherproof PIR Motion Detector, Alarm Output

TAKEX MS-100E outdoor motion sensor features:

  • Weatherproof for Indoor / Outdoor Installation
  • Passive Infrared Detection System
  • Long Range Motion Detection - Up to 20 Meters / 60 Feet
  • Sensor Head Rotates 180°
  • Dry Contact Relay Output - NO / NC Selectable
  • Separate Dry Contact Tamper NC Signal
  • Day and Night Motion Detection
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mounting Supported
  • Acceptable Power Supply Voltage 10.5V DC to 28V DC
  • Power Consumption 30mA or less
  • 12V DC Power Supply Included

Our Price: $139.99

Motion Detector FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about integrating PIR motion detectors with security camera systems.

  • How are motion detectors used with security camera systems?
    The most common way to integrate a motion detector with a security camera system is to hard wire the motion detector to the same surveillance DVR that your security cameras are connected to. You must make sure that your DVR that has alarm inputs. Please click here to see our latest video demo using a motion detector with a Viewtron security camera DVR.
  • Can I just use motion detected from my security camera instead of an external motion sensor?
    Yes, most DVRs support video motion detection triggered by cameras. Please note that this is different from PIR (passive infrared) motion detection and can be less reliable. Video motion detection tends to produce more false positives than PIR motion detection, especially in outdoor and infrared camera applications. This is because the video tends to be more noisy and outdoor environments tend to always have some motion from wind and other natural elements. You can watch this video on motion detection recording setup to learn more.
  • What type of cable is used to wire motion detectors to DVRs?
    The following types of cable can be used to wire motion detectors: CAT-5 cable (one pair), 18/2 conductor power cable.
  • Do motion detectors require power?
    Yes. Most PIR motion detectors use 12V DC power. All of ours include the proper power supply with them.
  • Can I use multiple motion detectors with my surveillance system?
    Yes, as long as your DVR has multiple alarm input ports, you can use multiple motion detectors. Different model DVRs support different numbers of alarm inputs so consult the specification or contact us if you need help.

How-to Install Motion Detectors with a Security Camera System

Installing a motion detector and integrating it with a security camera system is fairly simple. CCTV Camera Pros supports professional and DIY installers. Most PIR motion sensors are 12V DC powered which gives installers the choice of using a individual 12V DC power supply or one of the ports on a multi-channel power supply box (the same ones used with security cameras).

motion detector installation wiring diagram to security camera DVR

In this first diagram, a single 12V DC power transformer is used. This is how it works.

  1. On the right side of the diagram, the alarm input / output panel of the DVR is shown. This is what the alarm panel on the back of our iDVR-PRO DVRs looks like.
  2. 18/2 gauge power cable connects the output of the motion detector to one of the alarm input ports on the DVR.
  3. 18/2 gauge power cable is also used to connect the motion detector to an individual DC power supply.
  4. A PT-4 power lead connects the raw cables to the 3.1mm plug on the power supply.

Installation with Power Supply Box

A multi-channel power supply box can be used instead of an individual power supply.

motion detector installation wiring diagram to security camera DVR with power supply box

This installation is the same as the one above using the single power supply. The only difference is the use of a multi-channel power supply box to power the motion detector. CCTV Camera Pros supplies many of these power boxes for security camera installations. These power boxes can be shared with cameras and 12V DC powered alarm sensors. Because power supply boxes use screw based wire terminals, there is no need to use a PT-4 power lead (as with the individual power supply installation).

Video Demo

Security Camera DVR Alarm Input Setup

Watch this video to see how video surveillance recording is triggered on an Viewtron CCTV DVR using a motion detector.