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PoE for IP Camera

PoE for IP CameraCCTV Camera Pros is a direct supplier of devices that provide PoE for IP cameras, including individual power over Ethernet mid-span injectors, desktop PoE network switches, and rack mount PoE switches. As a direct supplier of IP cameras, CCTV Camera Pros tests all of the PoE power supplies that we carry to work with the IP cameras that we supply as well as other network cameras available in the market. Our products are thoroughly tested for use with video surveillance equipment. If you have questions about which PoE power supply is recommended for your security application, please contact us via email, chat or telephone. Please note that our PoE products are 802.3af and/or 802.3at compliant and can also work with non-video surveillance products. Please refer to these network diagrams f you need help understanding how to connect PoE to an IP camera. Are you a licensed security installer or reseller of surveillance equipment? You can request reseller pricing on our website.

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IP Camera PoE Switch POE-SW54 IP Camera PoE Switch, 4 Port Power Over Ethernet, 802.11af

The PoE-SW54 IP Camera PoE Switch features:

  • Supplies PoE for 4 IP Cameras or other PoE network devices
  • 4 PoE Ports - 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • 2 Uplink Ports - 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • Works with all 12v PoE Cameras
  • 30 Watts Max Power for Each Port
  • 60 Watt External Power Adapter
  • AC 100-240V 50/60Hz input
  • CE / ROHS / FCC / CCC Compliant

Our Price: $99.99
8 Port POE Switch 8 Port Gigabit POE Switch, 2 Uplink Ports, 802.3af/at 10/100/1000 Mbps

The POE-SW88 8 Port Gigabit POE Switch features

  • Gigabit Ethernet 1000Mbps
  • POE output on all 8 ports
  • 1 Uplink Port / 1 SFP Port
  • Powers up to 8 POE Devices
  • 120 Watt Total Output
  • Up to 30 Watts Per Channel
  • LED's to provide status feedback
  • IEEE 802.3AF / AT Compliant

Our Price: $199.99
POE Injector Kit POE-12V48 Power Over Ethernet for IP Camera, PoE Midspan Injector

The POE-12V48 Power over Ethernet Injector features:

  • Supplies PoE Power for one IP Camera
  • Connects via CAT5 Ethernet cable inline (PoE Midspan)
  • IEEE802.3af PoE Standard Compliant
  • AC 100-240V 50/60Hz input
  • Outputs DC48V / 400mA or 19.2 watts

Our Price: $39.99
802.3at PoE Injector POE-AT1 802.3at PoE Injector, PoE Midspan, Gigabit Ethernet, 30 Watts

The POE-AT1 802.3at PoE Injector features

  • Gigabit Ethernet Supported (1000Mbps)
  • IEEE 802.3at Compliant
  • 8 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 port
  • Supports Cat-5e up to 100 meters
  • 100-240VAC Power Input Supports US and European power systems
  • 30 watts output
  • 46-52V DC Output
  • Works with IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at PoE devices

Our Price: $39.99
16 Port POE Switch 16 Port Network PoE Switch, 802.3af Power over Ethernet, Rack-Mount

The POE-SW1616 16 Port POE Switch features

  • 16 x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 ports
  • 2 RJ-45 Ethernet Gigabit Uplink Ports
  • 2 SFP Fiber Optical Gigabit Uplink Ports
  • Powers up to 16 POE Cameras
  • POE output of 250 watts (15.6 per port)
  • 7.2Gbps Switching Capacity
  • LED's to provide status feedback
  • IEEE 802.3AF / AT Compliant + UL Listed
  • CSMA/CD Compliant
  • Half Duplex / Full Duplex
  • Supports CAT-5/5e/6 up to 100 meters / 300 Feet
  • Rack-Mount compatible with standard racks
  • Dimensions - 440mm x 270mm x 44mm

Our Price: $349.99
PoE Midspan Injector POE-ATS8G PoE Midspan Injector, 802.3at Ethernet, 8 Port, Rack Mount

The POE-ATS8G PoE Midspan Injector features

  • Gigabit Ethernet PoE Injector
  • PoE output of 240 watts (30 watts per port)
  • LED status indicators
  • Dimensions - 270mm (Width) x 180mm (Depth) x 45mm (Height)
  • 8 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 ports
  • IEEE 802.3at Compliant
  • Ethernet: 100Mbps (half-duplex), 200Mbps (full-duplex)
  • Fast Ethernet: 1000Mbps (half-duplex), 2000Mbps (full-duplex)
  • Supports Cat-5/5e up to 100 meters
  • Includes rack mount kit

Our Price: $329.99
24 Port Network PoE Switch POE Network Switch, 24 Port, 12 Port PoE, 10/100

The NET-SW24-12POE Network POE Switch features:

  • 24 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • 12 PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports
  • Max Total POE output 100 Watts
  • Recommended for up to 8 POE IP Cameras
  • Advanced auto-sensing
  • Automatically determines PoE requirements, speed, duplex, and cable type

Our Price: $389.99
Passive PoE Injector Splitter POE-PA2 Passive PoE Injector, Splitter 12v, Splitter 5v, Up to 50 Volt

The POE-PA2 Passive PoE Injector / Splitter features

  • Includes Passive Injector & Splitter Sides
  • Works with all DC powered non-PoE devices
  • Supports 12v, 5v, and all voltage up to 50v DC
  • Uses the power supply included with your IP camera
  • Used industry standard 2.1mm DC power plugs
  • Works up to 150 feet (depending on cable used and power draw of device)

Our Price: $6.99
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How to Connect PoE for IP Cameras

The following network diagrams illustrate how to connect PoE compatible IP cameras to PoE injectors and switches. If you have any questions about this or any other topic related to security cameras and video surveillance, please email or call us at and 561-433-8488.

Single Camera PoE Injector

PoE Injector for IP Camera Diagram

Multiple Camera PoE Switch

PoE Switch for IP Cameras