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Port Forwarding Network Router Setup, Remote DVR Security Camera Monitoring

  • Security Camera DVR Network Setup
  • Surveillance DVR Port Forwarding Setup

CCTV Camera Pros network and port forwarding setup service for CCTV DVRs enables our customers to remotely view their security cameras. There are NO monthly service fees! If you purchased a security camera system, surveillance DVR, or IP cameras and need help with setting up remote access, we can help! Did your camera system come with remote DVR viewer software for Mac and Windows, mobile apps for iPhone and Android, but you do not know how to set them up? Many customers contact us with older H.264 CCTV DVRs and even the latest HD camera DVRs and the company that they purchased from does not provide technical support. CCTV Camera Pros has been helping customers for over a decade. We launched this service to help those customers.

This port forwarding setup service is provided for FREE for customers that purchase our security camera DVRs.

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Port Forwarding Network Router Setup Service Port Forwarding Network Router Setup Service for CCTV Cameras and DVRs

This service includes the following:
  • Router Port Forwarding Setup
  • Static IP Setup
  • DDNS Setup
  • Guaranteed to work or you are not charged ANYTHING!

Our Price: $129.99

BBB Rating & Reviews

CCTV Camera Pros is proud to have an A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We also maintain a 5 star online review rating with

remote security camera setup support review

Here is an online review that we received from a customer that purchased our remote DVR setup / Port Forwarding Setup Service. You can verify the authenticity of this online review and others here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included with this Service?

What does this service do?

This network setup service enables remote access to video surveillance DVRs so that customers can remotely view their security cameras. This service is applicable to any type of DVR including analog CCTV DVRs, NVRs for IP cameras, and HD security camera DVRs (AHD, HD-TVI, HDCVI, HD-SDI).

Does a technician need to come to my location for this service?

No. This service is 100% provided remotely over the Internet. Our support engineers will securely log in to your home or business network and perform all work remotely.

How does CCTV Camera Pros 100% guarantee work?

After you place your order, you will be contacted by a tech support engineer who will conduct a network equipment survey to verify that we are equipped with the access and knowledge to get you setup properly. If we are unable to setup remote access for your system, we do not charge you for the service. It is that simple!

Where is this service provided?

CCTV Camera Pros provides this service to customers anywhere in the world.

What does the customer need to provide for this service?

  1. Customers must ensure that their DVR is properly connected to their network router using a CAT5 network cable.
  2. Customers need to have a Windows or Mac computer on site where their DVR is located.
  3. Customers will be asked to download a secure software application that enables our technicians to remotely login to their network to perform the setup.
  4. Customers will be asked to provide the administrator login and password for their router (and modem if applicable).
  5. Customers must provide the make and model of their router (and modem if applicable).
  6. Ask your Internet Service Provider if the IP address they supply for your Internet access is static or dynamic

Can you setup remote viewing on an old H.264 DVR?

It depends. Many CCTV DVRs, especially older ones, are simply labeled "H.264 DVR" or "H.264 CCTV DVR". Many of these DVRs have very little documentation and no technical support from the manufacturers. Most of the time, the techs at CCTV Camera Pros can figure out how to setup these H.264 DVRs, however, you must have access to the remote viewing software applications and mobile apps. Unfortunately, there are no universal apps that work with all H.264 DVRs.

Also, if the DVR was manufactured before 2008, it most likely will not have any supported mobile apps available.

Can I also view my security cameras on my local network when I am home?

Yes. You will be able to access your security cameras remotely over the Internet and on your local area network (LAN) when you are at your home or business.

Details About This Service

Setup Port Forwarding on your Router

Our technicians will ensure that all of the ports required by your DVR are properly forwarded on your router. Port forwarding is what enables you to access your system from outside of your local network.

Setup Static IP Address for DVR

By default, most DVRs are setup to obtain a network IP address from the router they are connected to. Routers assign IP addresses to devices, such as DVRs and IP cameras using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Basically, routers have a range of IP addresses that they can use to assign. This is done when your DVR boots up. The problem is that when your DVR or router is restarted, the IP address assigned to the DVR can change. This will cause your remote access to break. So, as part of our service, we ensure that the same IP address is always assigned to your DVR. This is known as a static IP address.

Configure Dynamic DNS on Router

Most Internet service providers (ISPs) provide a dynamic IP address to customers for their Internet access. Similar to how your router assigns an IP address to all of the devices connected to it. Your ISP assigns an IP address to your modem when it connects to the Internet service that they provide. If the ISP is assigning a dynamic IP address, then your IP address can change anytime your modem is restarted or looses power. If your IP address changes, the configuration in your remote viewing software and apps will no longer work.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a service that keeps track of your Internet connection's IP address so that the IP address configuration in your DVRs apps does not have to be updated if your IP address changes. Some DVR manufacturers include a free DDNS service built-in to their DVRs. CCTV Camera Pros service includes an assessment of whether DDNS setup is needed and setting up DDNS on your router (if applicable). This service is not applicable if your Internet connection has a static IP address or if your DVR or router does not support DDNS.

Verify Remote Camera Viewing Works Properly

Surveillance DVR Remote Security Camera View

CCTV Camera Pros will test that your remote access is working properly and document all of the settings that you need for any remote viewing software and mobile apps that your DVR uses.

Got Questions?

Please contact us here if you have any questions.