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LPR Security Camera Systems for HOA Community Entry Gates

LPR Security Cameras Systems for Gate Video Monitoring

CCTV Camera Pros designed these license plate capture systems to monitor vehicle gate entrances for HOA communities, businesses, and government facilities. We have designed high quality LPR camera systems since 2006. We offer expert design services and can provide a custom system quote based on your requirements. Email us here for a free consultation.

These systems are designed to be as simple as possible for property managers and HOA board members to understand and setup themselves. Customers can use any local electrician or cable installer to run wire and mount the cameras. CCTV Camera Pros provides lifetime technical support and remote configuration services at no additional charge. We can support any installer that you use. We have professional installation partners in many areas of the US. Learn more by reading our FAQ and system setup guide here.

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License Plate Capture Camera System License Plate Capture Camera System, 1080p HD LPR Camera, HD CCTV DVR

The LPR-HD2X license plate capture camera system features:

  • 4 Channel iDVR-PRO4A
  • (1) LPR-AHD5 1080p HD LPR Camera
  • (1) HD-TVI-AD8 1080p Overview Security Camera
  • (2) 100 Foot Pre-made Cables
  • LPR for Stationary and Fast Moving Vehicles
  • Windows & Mac Compatible
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Apps
  • Web Browsers Access
  • 1TB Hard Drive Included

Our Price: $1,099.99
LPR ANPR Camera System LPR ANPR Camera System, PoE NVR, License Plate & Vehicle Detection, AI

The VT-LPR-S2 LPR / ANPR Camera System features:

  • 8 Channel Viewtron NVR
  • (1) LPR-IP7 1080p HD LPR Camera
  • (1) IP-A4BZ Vehicle Detection Camera
  • (2) 100 Foot Pre-made Cables
  • License Plate Detection / Capture
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Windows & Mac Client Software
  • iPhone & Android Mobile Apps
  • Watch LPR Video Demos

Our Price: $1,149.99
LPR Gate Camera System LPR Gate Camera System, HD License Plate Capture Cameras, HD CCTV DVR

The LPR-HD4X LPR Gate Camera System features:

  • 4 Channel iDVR-PRO4A
  • (2) LPR-AHD5 1080p HD LPR Camera
  • (2) HD-TVI-AD8 1080p Overview Security Camera
  • (4) 100 Foot Pre-made Cables
  • LPR for Stationary and Fast Moving Vehicles
  • Windows & Mac Compatible
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Apps
  • Web Browsers Access
  • 1TB Hard Drive Included

Our Price: $1,799.99

How-to Setup an LPR Camera System to Monitor a Gate Entrance

License Plate Video Camera System

This is how an LPR system is typically setup at the gated entrance of an HOA. These concepts also apply to most other types of residential or commercial gated access communities.

  1. The license plate recognition camera (LPR) is typically mounted fairly low to the ground. The less of an angle to the license plates, the clearer the image. In the above installation, the LPR camera is mounted inside a protective box, which is mounted to a pole. This protects the camera from weather elements and will help ensure a long lifespan.
  2. The color overview camera is mounted higher than the LPR camera. This is to provide a much wider overview of the passing vehicles.

Facial Security Camera for Gate

Gate Entry Security Camera

Some communities like to use an additional camera facing inside the drivers side window, so that when a vehicle is stopped at the gate or call box, the drivers face is recorded. This is optional.

Entrance & Exit Video Surveillance Monitoring

Gate Entry & Exit Video Surveillance Cameras

Many communities want video surveillance monitoring for both the incoming and outgoing traffic at their entry / exit gate. The above image shows two overview cameras mounted to a pole. One of these cameras records cars entering the community and the other records cars exiting. On the inside of the gate, there is a second LPR camera installed to capture the license plates of outgoing vehicles.

License Plate Capture / Gate Camera System FAQ

  • Why do HOA communities use LPR camera systems at gate entrances? - When crimes such as theft and vandalism occur in a gated community, the perpetrators typically exit the community after the crime is committed. Many times, the exit is by car. By recording the license plates and overview of all vehicles entering and exiting the community, the HOA can help law enforcement track down the criminals.
  • Do these systems control access to the gate? - No. These systems are designed to record video of license plates clearly so that a person can review video footage and clearly identify license plates. These systems do not have automatic number plate recognition software built-in for custom programming and automation applications.
  • Can a single camera be used for license plate capture system? - We always recommend pairing an LPR camera with at least one overview camera. This is because LPR cameras must be focused on a fairly narrow field of view (about the width of a single lane of traffic to be most effective). LPR cameras are also mounted low, so that the angle of view is minimized. Last, high contrast LPR cameras always operate in black and white to maximize their effectiveness with reflective license plates. We recommend a color security camera be used to provide an overview of vehicles and the surrounding area. This also provides security protection against vandalism on the low mounted LPR camera.
  • Why doesn't CCTV Camera Pros include a monitor with these systems by default? - Most of the time, customers can get large HD TVs cheaper at a local department store because they are so big and heavy to ship. However, if you do need us to supply the monitor, we can.
  • Are these systems easy to install? - Yes, most of our customers do it themselves and do not need a professional security installer. We supply all of the equipment for a complete setup. CCTV Camera Pros provides lifetime technical support via email, online chat, and phone The most challenging part for customers is mounting the cameras and running cable. We can help with the rest remotely. Please refer to our pre-made cable installation guide or RG59 coax cable wiring guide if you are going to use a spool of cable.
  • Is the DVR easy to use? - The iDVR-PRO DVR that is included with this system is extremely easy to use. Please watch these video demos to see the user interface and the process to playback recorded video footage.
  • Can I use a different type of camera than the ones I see included with these system? - For the overview camera(s) and any other cameras that you want to add to the system, yes. All of these HD security cameras work with the iDVR-PRO DVRs included with these systems. Please remember that for the license plate capture, you must use a specialized LPR camera. Please contact us if you would like a custom quote or if you need any help.
  • Does CCTV Camera Pros provide technical support? - Yes. All products that we supply include lifetime technical support directly from CCTV Camera Pros at no charge.

DVR Video Demos

Important Note: Please click the gear icon in the lower right of the video players and select 1080p resolution so that you can view the video in the highest resolution available.

Easy to Use Interface

The graphical user interface on the iDVR-PRO is super easy to use. Users can navigate the menu system and settings using the USB mouse that is included.

High Definition Recorded Video Playback

Watch this video to see how clear the recorded HD video surveillance footage is.

Request A Custom Quote

HD Security Camera System Quote

Do you need something more custom than the systems on this page? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a custom camera system quote that includes a mix of various camera styles. Please contact us here and let us know what you require.

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