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Wireless Security Camera System with Remote Viewing

CCTV Camera Pros sells this wireless security camera system with remote viewing, IR night vision, motion detector, and 2-way audio surveillance. You can view your security cameras remotely from the iPhone app, Android app, Mac software, and Windows software that is included. Are wireless camera systems the best option? Please read below and watch the video before you buy a wireless security camera system.

Wireless Security Camera System

Are Wireless Security Camera Systems the Best Choice?

Best Wireless Security Camera System

Please watch this video to hear Mike discuss some of the pros and cons of various types of wireless systems.

Although we do supply these wireless security camera systems, we typically DO NOT recommend wireless systems over a higher quality hard wired IP camera system. We consider wireless always to be a last resort option is there is no way to run cable. Below are the reasons why. Our highest recommendation and best selling systems are our Viewtron AI camera systems.

  1. Wireless cameras connect to a wireless access point to use WIFI for their video signal, however, most wireless cameras still require a hard wired connection for power.
  2. Battery powered wireless cameras are typically cheaply made retail products. If you want a commercial quality security camera that lasts, go with a hard wired camera. Period.
  3. You can not mount a wireless camera outdoors and reliably connect to a wireless router that is indoors. Security cameras require a reliable and persistent connection in order to record video surveillance footage. This is simply not possible when trying to connect a security camera installed outdoors to a wireless access point that is inside a home or building.
  4. Remote viewing is much more reliable when using a hard wired system for the same reasons that recording is more reliable. It is a persistent and reliable connection. Wireless connections disconnect and typically have interference issue.
  5. There are many more hard wired IP camera choices when compared to wireless cameras. There are a lot of great options for dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, AI security cameras, LPR cameras (license plate recognition).

If you would like to understand more about this and want to speak with a system designer, please request a phone consultation or email us at

Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP Camera

The following security camera was used in the below video demos: IP-C2 wireless IP camera. This camera is capable of being used as both a hard wired PoE camera and wireless network IP camera. In these videos, the camera was connected over a wireless home network using an outdoor wireless access point. The camera was recording to a Viewtron hybrid security camera DVR in the videos recorded at Mike's house.

Since the time when these videos were made, Mike has upgraded his home security camera system to use a Viewtron IP camera NVR, which also works with the IP-C2. The user interface is the same on the DVR and NVR. The reason for this upgrade was to a AI security cameras to his system.

Please note that this camera also has a built-in micro SD card slot for local video storage if you do not want to use multiple cameras and a centralized recorder.

Wireless Security Camera Demo

Wireless IP Security Camera

Watch this video surveillance demo to see the daytime and night-time infrared night vision capability of the IP-C2 wireless IP security camera.

Wireless Home Security Camera System

Wireless Home Security Camera

Watch this video to see how Mike uses the IP-C2 as a wireless home security camera to try to capture a raccoon that is breaking into his patio. Although Mike has this camera temporarily installed on his patio, this is not an outdoor security camera. Mike'e patio is covered, so it is OK short term to have this surveillance camera installed outdoors.

IR Security Camera View from iPhone App

IR Night Vision

Watch this video to see how well the IR night vision works on the IP-C2 wireless security camera. This video also demonstrates remote viewing from the iPhone app.

WIFI Security Camera Recorded Video Playback

WIFI security camera

Watch this video to see the infrared video surveillance footage of a raccoon trespassing on Mike's home patio using the IP-C2 wireless security camera. You can also playback recorded video surveillance in addition to the live remote viewing in the mobile app.

Custom Security Camera System Quotes

Security Camera System

Do you need a custom security camera system? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a custom security camera system quote that includes a mix of various camera styles, an NVR, junction boxes, and a PoE switch if needed. We can mix wireless cameras and hard wired cameras on our systems. We can include a 4 channel, 8 channel, or 16 channel, 32 channel, or 64 channel NVR. As you have probably already seen on our website, we have 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 camera surveillance systems in pre-made packages. However, it is not possible for us to package up every combination and quantity of all the different camera models that we carry. Please use this form to request a custom quote. If you prefer, you can also first request a free phone consultation.

Request a Quote

AI Security Camera Systems

AI Security Camera System

These AI security cameras and systems are our top pick because of the amazing high definition IP cameras, AI object detection software, and the best mobile apps & PC software to view your security cameras.

Mobile Apps & Desktop PC Software

iPhone App
iPhone App
Android App
Android App
Mac Software
Mac Software
Windows CMS Software
Windowss CMS Software

These are the mobile apps (iPhone & Android) and camera viewing software for Mac and Windows that are included with all of our Viewtron IP cameras, IP camera NVRs, and BNC / coax camera DVRs. These are the best apps available based on our testing. You can watch video demos below and we have additional video demos of the mobile apps here. In addition to providing support to view live video from your cameras, all of the apps also support recorded video search and playback.

Remote Camera View from iPhone App

iPhone Security Camera View

This video demonstrates the iPhone app that is included for use with all Viewtron DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras. The demo shows how the app is used to remotely access Mike's home security camera system. Mike's system consists of multiple 4K BNC security cameras, this Viewtron 4K IP camera, and a 16ch hybrid DVR / NVR. Live security camera viewing, ad well as recorded video surveillance search & playback is demonstrated in the video. You can learn more about the Viewtron security camera viewer app here.

View Security Cameras at Multiple Locations

View Security Cameras at Multiple Locations

The iPhone app for Viewtron supports the ability to view security cameras that are installed at multiple locations. The above video demonstrates remotely viewing two IP cameras at different locations. The app can also be setup to view multiple DVRs and NVRs at various locations.

Remote Security Camera View from Android App

Android Remote Security Camera View

The Android app for Viewtron is identical to the iPhone app in look and functionality. Watch this video demo to see Mike access his home security camera system using the Android app. Live camera monitoring and recorded video surveillance search & playback is included in the demo. You can learn more about how to view your security cameras from Android here.

Mac Surveillance System Software

Mac Security Camera Software

Watch this video to see the Mac security camera software connect to a Mike's home security system DVR and an Viewtron IP camera installed at CCTV Camera Pros business location.

The Mac software that is included with all Viewtron products allows users to view their security cameras, create custom video layouts of multiple cameras at multiple locations, receive alarm alerts, and playback recorded video. Please take a look at our Mac security camera software for Viewtron overview page for more information.

Windows Surveillance System Software

Windows Security Camera Software

The Windows software included with all Viewtron products allows users to view their security cameras, create custom video layouts of multiple cameras at multiple locations, receive alarm alerts, and playback recorded video. We will be creating a video demo soon. Please take a look at our Windows security camera software for Viewtron overview page for more information.

Best Security Camera Systems

Security Camera System

Learn more about the best security camera systems that we supply. This is based on product quality, product demand, customer feedback, and very limited amount of customer returns.

If you need help designing a custom system, CCTV Camera Pros offers free phone consultations.

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CCTV Camera Pros is proud to be a US Veteran Owned small business. Our co-founder, Mike Haldas, served in the United States Marine Corps 1993-1997.

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CCTV Camera Pros is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We also maintain a 5 star online review rating with We are the top rated company in the security industry. We are security professionals and we take NDAA compliance seriously!

Legacy CCTV Camera System

This is a legacy CCTV camera system that we sold many years ago. We keep these images up on our website to refer to from time to time. However, this system has long been replaced with more modern camera systems (like the one above).

The following home surveillance system images were taken remotely over the Internet from Florida while helping a customer in North Carolina setup his system and network configuration.

This system was installed using the following equipment:

All systems supplied by CCTV Camera Pros can be used for home, business, and government installation. The following images were taken from Florida over the Internet using the DVR remote viewer software that came with one of our legacy CCTV DVRs. Our latest security camera DVRs and software are way better than this. This software allows you to view your security cameras remotely over the Internet using a Windows computer and an Internet connection. The system resides in a house in North Carolina.

Home Security Camera System Remote Viewer

House Walkway & Entrance Security Camera View

Outdoor Patio Deck Security Camera View

Driveway Security Camera View

Roadway Security Camera View

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