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Mac Security Camera Software for Viewtron IP Cameras, DVRs

View Your Security Cameras Live with Mac Video Management software for Viewtron.

Mac Security Camera Software



Introducing the Mac security camera software (Mac App) for Viewtron DVRs, NVRs, and network IP cameras. The software is called Viewtron VMS and it allows users to view their security cameras live, playback recorded video surveillance footage, control cameras, configure DVRs / NVRs, and perform many other functions over an IP network. This software is sometimes referred to as NVMS (network video management software) or CMS camera software (central monitoring software). The Macintosh app is able to connect to many DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras at the same time. The software can display live video streams from analog CCTV cameras, HD security cameras (AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI), and network IP cameras.

Users can access their security cameras on the local network where the DVR is located and also remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Remote audio surveillance is also supported. Watch this video to see how easy it is to setup the Mac software. You can also watch this video to see the Mac software connect to multiple security camera locations.

Mac Software Setup

Mac Security Camera Software Setup

Watch this video to see Mike setup the Mac NVMS software (network video management) step by step, starting with downloading the NVMS from CCTV Camera Pros website.

View Your Security Camera System Remotely from iPhone, Android, Mac & Windows

iPhone App
iPhone App
Android App
Android App
Mac Software
Mac Software
Windows CMS Software
Windows CMS Software

Viewtron also includes an iPhone app, Android app, and Windows DVR viewer software. All of the apps and software are included for free with all Viewtron IP cameras and DVRs, and there are no monthly monitoring fees.

IP Camera Support

Mac IP Camera Software

The Viewtron Mac software supports network IP cameras up to 4K resolution. The above image shows a home security camera system that uses a IP-D8 to monitor the front door. The camera is connected to a Viewtron hybrid DVR / NVR. The Mac software can connect directly to IP cameras and also to NVRs / DVRs.

BNC Security Camera / CCTV Support

Mac HD Security Camera Software

The Mac software also supports security cameras that are wired using coax cable and BNC connectors. This includes the analog CCTV cameras and the latest HD-over-Coax security cameras, including CVBS, AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI video formats. The above image shows a 4K-B9 security camera that is connected to a Viewtron DVR.

Mac Software Live View Controls

This article was written to help familiarize users with the graphical user interface, functions, and controls that are available in the software. You can also watch a video demo here. CCTV Camera Pros has also created a library of setup and demo videos for the iDVR-PRO to help users learn about the many features of iDVR-PRO recorders and software apps that are included with them.

Mac Video Surveillance Software

The above screenshot shows a live security camera view of the Viewtron video surveillance software for Mac. The various menus are noted in the orange, red, blue, and green rectangles.

  • Main Menu
    • Home - Video management home screen where all functions of the VMS software can be accessed.
    • 4 Camera View - 4 camera live view that is active in the above screenshot.
    • Storage Playback - Recorded video search and playback screen.
    • Operation and Maintinance Management - Device health status and logs.
    • Alarm Center - Alarm input output settings.
    • + Add Additional Live Views - The plus icon allows users to add additional live view screens to the menu.
  • PTZ Camera Controls - If one or more PTZ cameras are connected to the DVR, the pan tilt zoom movements of those cameras can be controlled using the buttons in this section.
  • Camera Grid - Users can click on these grid icons to select 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, and 36 camera grid views. OSD menu, audio broadcast, alarm trigger, show / hide intelligent sensor areas, save new view functions are also on this menu.
  • Camera Controls - Individual camera controls including: Start local recording, audio on / off, still snapshot, PTZ controls, digital zoom in / out, full screen, talkback, and open camera settings screen

Recorded Video Surveillance Playback

Mac DVR Viewer Software

When the Storage Playback screen is accessed, the software displays a calendar and timeline so that users can search through surveillance video recorded on their DVR's hard drive. Time search can be done on the local network where the DVR is located and also remotely over the Internet. The main controls are below.

  • Calendar Date Selection - the calendar is used to select the month and day that the user wants to playback.
  • Display Grid - when playing back recorded video, users can select 1, 4, 9 and 16 camera display modes.
  • Player Controls - the video player controls allow users to play video in forward and reverse at standard and fast speeds. Users can also pause the video.
  • Timeline - the timeline scrubber lets users select the exact time of video to playback. The timeline area also displays the type of recording that took place on the timeline, such as manual, schedule, motion, video analysis, sensor, smart event, line pass, and behavior analysis. These types of video recordings are displayed in different colors which are noted in the legend below the timeline.

Video Demo

Mac Security Camera Software

Watch this video to see the Mac security camera software connect to a Mike's home security system DVR and an Viewtron IP camera installed at CCTV Camera Pros business location.

View Security Camera DVRs at Multiple Locations

view multiple security camera locations

Watch this video to see the how the Viewtron NVMS (network video management software) can be used to centrally view security cameras from multiple locations. The Viewtron software for Mac and Windows PCs is able to connect remotely to multiple IP camera NVRs, hybrid BNC security camera DVRs, and even directly to Viewtron network IP cameras. Custom views can be configured that consists of cameras from different locations.

Remote PTZ Camera Controls

IP-PTZ Camera Remote Controls from Mac

The Mac software for Viewtron supports remote control of PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom). Here is a snapshot of the Viewtron IP-PTZ-425 auto-tracking PTZ camera being remotely accessed and controlled. You can see the PTZ controls in the lower left.

Search, Playback AI Detection & Motion Detection Events

CMS Camera Software

Watch this video to see the how search it is to search for AI object detection events and motion detection events using the Viewtron CMS camera software (NVMS). The video events are displayed in a list where you can playback the recorded video and also download and export an AVI file to your PC.

More Video Demos

Security Camera PC Software

CCTV Camera Pros has a large collection of demo videos of the Viewtron security camera PC software for Mac and Windows here.

Learn more about Viewtron Security Camera DVRs / NVRs

iPhone App
View Security Cameras from iPhone App
Android App
View Security Cameras from Android App
Mac Software
View Security Cameras from Mac Software
Windows Software
View Security Cameras from Windows Software

Security Camera DVR

Learn more about the latest Viewtron hybrid Security Camera DVRs and IP camera NVRs.

Our Viewtron hybrid security camera DVRs work with Analog CCTV, Network IP, and HD BNC Security Cameras. Users can mix and match different camera technologies. This is perfect for customers that have existing CCTV cameras and want to upgrade to high definition over time. Hybrid Viewtron DVRs work with the following security camera types and resolutions.

Our Viewtron IP camera NVRs have built-in PoE ports and are fully integrated with the AI software functions of all of our Viewtron AI security cameras. Viewtron NVRs are also fully integrated with our Viewtron license plate recognition cameras.

  • LPR Cameras - Viewtron LPR cameras have built-in automatic license plate recognition software built-in.
  • AI Security Cameras - Viewtron AI cameras support human detection, car detection, face detection, facial recognition, line crossing, object counting and many other advanced analytics features.

Complete Security Camera Systems

Security Camera System

CCTV Camera Pros can provide a complete security camera system quotes that include any Viewtron CCTV DVR or IP Camera NVR model. We can include security cameras, cables, connectors, power supplies, and monitors. We can even mix and match IP cameras and HD BNC security cameras because Viewtron DVRs are hybrid. This means that they work with just about any type of security camera.

As you have probably already seen on our website, we have 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 camera surveillance systems in pre-made packages. However, it is not possible for us to package up every combination and quantity of all the different camera models that we carry. So, we can also provide you with a custom quote with as many cameras as you need and a mix of any combination of camera model(s) based on your project requirements. If you want to use our AI security cameras, you must use Viewtron IP camera NVRs. Please request a free quote and consultation when you are ready.

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