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4K Security Camera Video Display Systems

CCTV Camera Pros supplies live video display systems that can display multiple 4K security cameras on a single TV / monitor screen. These systems are designed for customers who want to display multiple video cameras live on a TV monitor, and do not need to record video surveillance footage to a DVR. The systems come with 4K security cameras, a 4K CCTV multiplexer, pre-made CCTV cables, power supplies, and an HDMI cable. Customers typically supply their own TV monitor or TV.

Check out these 4K images and this video demo to see the video quality that these systems provide.

These 4K security camera systems are sometimes referred to as live video streaming systems, spot monitors, public camera display monitors, or theft deterrent security TV. We have supplied these systems for many different types of applications such as a live video display for parents at dance studios, monitoring manufacturing processes, deterring theft in retail stores, and watching a beautiful view outside of a home. Our systems are plug and play / extremely simple to setup. Learn more by viewing our how-to install diagram here.

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4K Security Cameras Display Multiple 4K Security Camera Live Video TV Monitor Display System, HDMI

The SYS-4K2B multiple 4K camera live display system includes:

  • (2) 4K Bullet Cameras
  • (1) Quad Video Multiplexer
  • (2) 100 Foot Siamese Camera Cables
  • (1) 5 Foot HDMI Cable
  • Wireless Video Kit (Optional Add-on)

Our Price: $469.99
4K CCTV Cameras Display Multiple 4K CCTV Cameras Live Video TV Monitor Display System, HDMI

The SYS-4K2D multiple 4K camera live display system includes:

  • (2) 4K Dome Cameras
  • (1) Quad Video Multiplexer
  • (2) 100 Foot Siamese Camera Cables
  • (1) 5 Foot HDMI Cable
  • Wireless Video Kit (Optional Add-on)

Our Price: $469.99

Multiple 4K Security Camera TV Display

Multiple 4K Security Cameras TV Display

The above installation diagram shows (2) 4K-D9 cameras connected to a VM-HD4 multiplexer. The screen layout is set to 2 camera picture-in-picture. You can see additional images below. Installing our multi-camera display systems is easy. This is how it works.

  1. The coax portion of the pre-made Siamese camera cable (blue line above) connects the BNC video output of each camera to a BNC video input of the VM-HD4 quad video multiplexer.
  2. The power cable built into the Siamese cable is connected to the power adapter that is included with the camera. The power adapter plugs into the power source near your TV. Please note that you can use a standard power strip / surge protector if you need more than 2 power supply ports.
  3. The video multiplexer also includes a 12V DC power supply. That can also be connected to the power outlet near your TV.
  4. The HDMI cable that is included with the system connects the HDMI output of the multiplexer to the HDMI video input of your TV monitor.
  5. The IR wireless remote control that is included with the VM-HD4 is used to change the camera layout and also to access the configuration screens.

4K Video Diplay Demo

CCTV Quad Multiplexer with 4K Security Cameras

The above video demonstrates our 4K multi-camera video display system using (4) 4K cameras installed at CCTV Camera Pros co-owner, Mike Haldas' house.

4K CCTV Multiplexer Images

Check out these images that were captured using the VM-HD4 4K CCTV multiplexer that is included in these systems. You can click on any of these images to see the full 4K UHD image.

CCTV Multiplexer Wireless Remote Control

Users can switch their monitor display to any of the below display layouts using this IR wireless remote control that is included with the VM-HD4 multiplexer.

4ch Quad Screen

4K Security Cameras Multiplexer

Here is the 4ch quad view of the VM-HD4 with (4) 4K security cameras connected to it. This 4K dome camera is installed at the front door of this home. This 4K bullet security camera is installed in the other 3 locations.

4 Cameras on One Screen

CCTV Multiplexer 4 Camera Display

Here is an alternative layout with 4 cameras on one screen, with a large camera view on the left and three smaller views on the right.

3 Cameras Displayed on One Screen

CCTV Multiplexer 3 Security Cameras Displayed on one screen

The VM-HD4 multiplexer supports displaying 3 cameras on one monitor screen as seen above.

Full Screen Single Camera View

4K CCTV Cameras Multiplexer

Here is the single camera view of the camera installed at the front door. This is the 4K dome camera that is installed.

4K CCTV Video Multiplexer

Here is the single camera view of the camera that monitors the back yard of this house. This is the 4K bullet camera that is installed.

2 Camera Picture-in-Picture

4K CCTV Video Multiplexer 2 Camera PIP

Here is the two camera picture-in-picture (PIP) view of the front door and back yard cameras.

2 Camera Display Side-by-Side

CCTV Video Multiplexer Display 2 Security Cameras Side by Side

Here is the two camera split screen view. It displays 2 security cameras side-by-side on the TV monitor.

2 Camera Display Top / Bottom

Display 2 Security Cameras Displayed on one monitor

Here is the two camera view but with the camera in top / bottom positions. Please compare this 2 camera view to the one above it and note that this image was captured using the same 4K security camera. The multiplexer is adjusting the dimensions of the images to fit into the display.

Live Camera Display System to Streaming System

Security Camera Streaming

CCTV Camera Pros has been supplying these live security camera display systems for many years. A few of these systems are available above on this page. Customers can add an HDMI-U3 capture box to any of our live camera systems to create a security camera live streaming system. And because the HDMI-U3 has an HDMI video output, the system can be used for live display on a TV monitor and also for live Internet video streaming.

Live Camera Display Applications

Here are a few of the types of video display applications that our system engineers have designed for customers using our HD security cameras and multiplexers. This is not a complete list. These systems are applicable to any type of business or locations that wants to display a live camera view on a TV monitor.

Live Security Camera TV Display

Security Camera Live Monitor Display

Here is a live security camera display monitor being used in a retail department store as a theft deterrent. The TV is ceiling mounted near the main entrance of the store so that all customers can clearly see that there is video surveillance monitoring in the store.

Pre-Made Siamese Cables Included

security camera cables

These systems include 100ft security camera cables. These cables are pre-made with the BNC connectors pre-attached. You can find our pre-made security camera cable wiring guide here.

RG59 Siamese Cable Spool Upgrade

RG59 Siamese Cable Kit

This RG59 Siamese cable kit is available as a cable upgrade option. Instead of using pre-made cables in 100ft lengths, installers can cut these cables to any custom length for each cable run. The kit includes a 500ft spool of RG59 Siamese cable, BNC connectors, a coax cable stripper tool, and a coax cable crimp tool. You can find out RG59 Siamese cable wiring guide here.

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HD Security Camera System Quote

Do you need something more custom than the systems on this page? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a custom camera system quote that includes a mix of various camera styles. Please contact us here and let us know what you require.

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