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CCTV Security Camera and Video Surveillance System Knowledge Base, FAQ and Setup Guides

CCTV Camera Pros strives to have the best security camera and video surveillance system knowledge and online help in the world. The following information is provided to help home and business owners understand more about surveillance systems and CCTV equipment so that they can be successful with their installation and so they can make informed decisions about which products best suit their needs. There is a lot of information to consider when purchasing surveillance equipment. Setup and installation can be difficult if you are not well instructed. The Camera Pros Team hopes that you find the following frequently asked questions and surveillance system setup guides informative. We use TeamViewer software to assist customers when we need to login to their network.. If you have any questions or comments on the material provided, please let email us at We welcome any feedback that you have.

CCTV Camera Pros Main Product Lines

This section contains our best selling and most recommended products.

Viewtron DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras, BNC Cameras

Viewtron has become our most recommended and best selling product line. This is out Viewtron 2.0 line-up. Not the legacy SDI systems that we use to carry. You can find the latest support articles, user manuals, and software downloads here. Please click on the below images to learn about the mobile apps and PC software for Viewtron surveillance systems.

iPhone App
iPhone App
Android App
Android App
Mac Software
Mac Software
Windows CMS Software
Windows CMS Software

iDVR-PRO Support and Setup Instructions

HD Security Camera DVR

The iDVR-PRO is a LINUX embedded, H.264 stand alone surveillance DVR capable of providing remote internet viewing support for every major computer and mobile phone platform. The latest iDVR-PRO recorders are "high definition hybrid" which means that they support analog CCTV cameras and the latest HD security cameras (AHD and HD-TVI camera types are supported). You can learn more about these DVRs here.

iDVR Support and Setup Instructions

iDVR Support

The iDVR is an H.264 LINUX embedded, stand-alone surveillance recorder. It boasts a graphical, easy to navigate interface and has mobile DVR viewer apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android cell phones.

iDVR Technical Support & Setup Page

Geovision Surveillance Systems

Geovision DVR Card
Geovision DVR Card Support

Legacy Viewtron Surveillance DVR Support

Viewtron Video Surveillance DVR

Viewtron surveillance DVRs come in standard CCTV, HD-SDI, and CCTV / HD-SDI hybrid models. The user interface is the same for all Viewtron DVRs.

Viewtron Technical Support Page

NUUO Surveillance System Support

NUUO Surveillance System Support

iPhone Remote IP Camera Viewer Setup Instructions

iPhone Remote View Setup
iPhone Surveillance Setup - Instructions to set up your iPhone to view Zavio IP Cameras

Legacy Surveillance DVRs & Equipment Support

The following is equipment that CCTV Camera Pros use to supply before being discontinued. The support links will remain active for existing customers that have this equipment.

MPEG4 Surveillance DVR

MPEG4 DVR Support

JPEG Surveillance DVR

JPEG DVR Support

4 Channel MPEG DVR

DVR Software

DVR Software Downloads

IP Video Server Setup

IP Video Server Network Setup

IP Video Server Setup

MJ4 Surveillance DVR Support

Surveillance DVR Manuals

DVR Manual

DVR Manuals

Surveillance System & Security Camera Help Transcripts

TranscriptNEW! CCTV Camera Pros is now publishing online chat sessions that we have with customers like you. We have found that reading real-world chat transcripts from customers is a great way for us to train our employees, so it only makes sense to also make this information available online for everyone to learn from. Click here to read some real online surveillance system & security camera help transcripts.

Networking & Internet Setup Resources

Port Forwarding and Dynamic DNS Setup instructions for various types of routers

Networking & Internet Setup

Internet & Networking Support

Surveillance System Setup Instructions

Surveillance System Setup Guides and Info

Surveillance System Setup and Installation Videos - Step by step instructional videos on setting up the CCTV equipment that CCTV Camera Pros supplies.

Security Camera Cable and Wiring Setup - Information and instructions on how to wire Security Cameras, DVRs, and Surveillance Systems.

What is DDNS? - Watch this video to understand how dynamic DNS service is used to manage dynamic Internet addresses when remotely viewing security cameras.

PT-4 Power Lead Wiring Guide - A how-to guide that shows different ways to use male power leads for security camera installations.

How to connect a CCTV Camera to a TV Monitor - Sometimes you may want to use a CCTV camera just to view live view on a monitor without any need to record to a DVR. This article explains how to do this and what equipment is needed.

How to embed CCTV security camera video on a web page - You can use a network video server and CCTV camera to embed a live video stream "webcam" into a website.

PTZ Camera Resources

Outdoor PTZ Camera Setup - Instructions on configuring our W470 series outdoor PTZ cameras.
PTZ controller and camera setup - Setup instructions to configure and connect our PTZ keyboard to our PTZ security camera.

JP Surveillance DVRs PTZ Control Setup - JP surveillance DVRs can be used to control PTZ cameras.

Embedding Live Video into a WebPage using a IP PTZ Camera

Security Camera Resources

Pre-made Siamese Cable Wiring Guide - reference this guide to see the many different ways that premade security camera cables can be used to wire a surveillance system.

RG59 Siamese Coax Cable Installation Guide - reference this guide to see how-to use RG59 Siamese cable spools for wiring security cameras.

How to connect a CCTV DVR to a wireless network - this article and video shows how a wireless bridge can be used to make any DVR connect to a WIFI network.

CCTV Camera Lens Chart
(analog CCTV cameras)

HD CCTV Camera Lens Chart - lens chart for 720p and 1080p HD CCTV cameras (HD-SDI, AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI) and megapixel IP cameras.

CCTV Resolution - This article explains and shows images of the different resolution that CCTV systems can record at.

CCTV Camera Lens Comparison - Sample videos to demonstrate different viewing angles and field of views with different size camera lenses.

CCTV Video Max Cable Distance Guide - See max cable lengths for RG59. RG6. and CAT-5 cable runs.

Outdoor Camera Housing - This article shows how to install an outdoor camera housing with an IP or box security camera to make them weatherproof.
How to connect CCTV camera video to multiple monitor displays

Are 940nm IR LEDs really invisible? - This video uses a PIR-IR60 940nm IR camera to test and see if the infrared LEDs are detectable using a smartphone camera.

What is 960H video resolution? - This article and FAQ page teaches the reader about 960H cameras and DVRs.

What is AHD CCTV? - This article compares AHD CCTV resolution vs 960H analog CCTV resolution.

What is HD-TVI? - This article will educate readers about HD-TVI technology. It also contains 1080p video surveillance and images captured using TVI cameras.

Low Voltage Drop / Max Power Cable Distance Charts - Use these 12V DC and 24V AC max cable distance charts to plan your CCTV camera installation.

How-to Stream Analog CCTV Camera Video on a Web Page - learn how to stream live video from an analog CCTV camera using Vivitek network video servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surveillance DVR FAQ - Frequently asked questions when considering which surveillance DVR to choose.

Security Camera FAQ - Frequently asked questions when shopping for security cameras.

Glossary of Terms

Surveillance System & CCTV Glossary

PTZ Camera & System Information

PTZ Camera System Installation Diagram