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Security Camera FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of video connector do security cameras use?
Our security cameras have a female BNC connection. All of our Video & Power cables have two male BNC ends which connect a camera to a DVR.

What are WDR security cameras used for?
A WDR camera (Wide Dynamic Range) is used for capturing images of objects surrounded by a strong back light, while still keeping the background visible. WDR technology uses special high-speed CCDs to make two consecutive image scans to one picture. Non-WDR cameras just make one pass.
The first scan captures images in the normal light condition. Right after, the camera captures the second image at high speed to capture the images that are in the strong light. The image processor then superimposes the two video images to provide a single picture that can see all areas.
A typical use for a WDR camera is capturing scenes indoors that have large windows in the background with lots of sunlight. A WDR camera would enable you to capture both the indoor and outdoor/background scene clearly.

Will bright daylight damage an infrared camera's LEDs?
No.  Our infrared security cameras (which use LEDs) are designed for both low light and lighted use, so daylight will not damage them.  The infrared LEDs stay off during the day while it is light out and then turn on at night in the dark when they sense that the light is low enough.  Outdoor bright light use in the day will not damage them in any way.

The power terminals on pro box cameras are not labeled for positive and negative.  Which is which?
Our professional box security cameras are dual voltage and reverse polarity which means you can use an AC or DC power supply and either terminal for your positive and negative power leadUnless otherwise noted by (+) positive and (-) negative labels on the camera, you can use either for +/- .