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Security Camera System Design Consultants

security camera system design consulting

CCTV Camera Pros provides expert security camera system design and consulting services for residential, commercial, and government installation. Our knowledge and willingness to share sets us apart from our competition. We are not the typical online video surveillance supplier that merely sells equipment on a website using as much automation as possible. We are a hands on company run by hard working Americans.

We have a dedicated team of system engineers that help our customers and installation partners properly plan and design reliable security camera systems based on customer requirements. We help customers with small, medium and very large system. You may contact us here to schedule a free consultation.

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Expert Technical Support

Security Camera System Technical Support

The same system engineers that design systems at CCTV Camera Pros, also provide technical support on their systems. Our entire team knows the technical details about our products. Don't be surprised when the same guy that designed and sold you a system also provides you with world class technical support. We provide free lifetime technical support on the products that we supply. We have helped thousands of customers configure their surveillance systems and setup remote security camera viewing.

Custom Pre-Configured Systems

Customer Built Video Surveillance Systems

Many of the video surveillance systems that we sell are custom built and pre-configured before we ship them to our customers. For example, we have supplied complex wired and wireless IP camera systems that we pre-configure all of the IP cameras, wireless antennas, and DVR to connect to each other when they are powered on. This saves installers many hours of configuration. You can read about a complete security camera system that we designed and configured for a self storage facility here.

We Know Customer Service

Our goal is to be an expert consultant and vested partner in the success of your security camera installation. We have worked with thousands of customers in every state in the US, as well as over 50 other countries. We can help plan small systems for homes, medium sized systems for business, as well as enterprise sized commercial and government systems that span multiple physical locations and buildings. We work with analog CCTV, HD over Coax, and network IP systems. We design hard wired, wireless, and "hybrid" wired + wireless systems. We have extensive experience working with DIY and professional installers.

You may contact us here to schedule a free consultation.

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More About CCTV Camera Pros

Want to learn more about us first? We encourage visitors to get to know more about us. Here is some additional information and links to get started.

  • Greg Bond and Mike Haldas started CCTV Camera Pros in 2006. Our warehouse and design center is located in Lantana, Florida. That is in Palm Beach County. More about us here. Greg and Mike are both full time and hands-on managing partners. We are here every week day and we check email on the weekends.
  • Our team consists of 10 full time employees that all work out of the Lantana, Florida office. Everyone has been with us for at least 7 years. The above picture shows James configuring and benchmarking a custom built GeoVision NVR system. James is Mike's nephew and our first full time employee. He joined our team over 10 years ago and has designed systems and provided technical support for thousands of customers worldwide.
  • Our team takes pride in our products and services. It clearly shows in the online reviews that we have received.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We thoroughly test and document the equipment that we supply. You can see examples of this in the online videos that we produce and how-to articles that we write.
  • You can check out some of our demo videos here: iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR videos, HD security camera demo videos, CCTV installation videos.
  • We also write many how-to guides and articles. In addition to helping DIY and professional installers clearly understand how equipment is installed and configured. Many of our installation partners that are electricians, home theater installers, and low voltage installers get ideas from our articles on new solutions that they can provide to their customers. You can see some examples articles that we write below.

Thank You for the opportunity to earn your trust and business!

Articles and How-To Guides

Here are some popular articles and how-to-guides that we have written.