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Audio Surveillance Microphones

Audio surveillance microphones can be added on to any security camera and surveillance system that CCTV Camera Pros supplies. We offer two different types of microphones: an inline surveillance microphone that shares a DC power supply source with a security camera, and a stand-alone surveillance microphone that comes with its own power source. The stand-alone surveillance microphone does not need to be located near any security camera. Because the inline model leverages the same power supply as a security camera and because an audio, video, power plug and play cable is used in conjunction with the inline microphone, the microphone must be located close (within about 2 feet) of the security camera that it shares the power source with. Click on the below products to see installation diagrams of the two different types of audio microphones.

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Audio Surveillance Microphone Audio Surveillance Microphone, CCTV Audio Mic, Stand Alone Install

This audio surveillance microphone features:

  • Stand Alone Self Powered Microphone
  • Easily added near any security camera
  • Can also be used stand alone away from cameras
  • 12V DC power supply included
  • Works with CCTV plug and play cables
  • Can be used with stand alone or Geovision DVRs

Our Price: $19.99
Audio Surveillance Microphone Audio Surveillance Microphone, In Line Camera Install

This audio surveillance microphone features:

Our Price: $29.99

Audio Surveillance Microphone Setup

The above surveillance microphones that CCTV Camera Pros supplies work with both our stand-alone surveillance DVRs as well as our Geovision surveillance DVRs. Remote access to audio over the Internet only works with the Geovision systems. Click on the below support pages to view instructions and see how easy it is to setup audio surveillance.

Audio Surveillance Equipment Law

Before installing audio surveillance microphones in your home, business, or government facility, CCTV Camera Pros recommends that you understand all federal, state, and local laws in regards to audio surveillance to avoid any non-compliance. This article will help you understand some of the issues, but unfortunately, we can not keep up with all of the regulations, especially at the state and local level. It is probably best to consult your attorney before completing your installation: audio surveillance equipment laws.