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NUUO Surveillance System Support

CCTV Camera Pros strives to provide the best surveillance system technical support in the industry for NUUO products and all products that we offer. This support web page contains helpful documents and videos to assist customers with installing NUUO DVR cards, IP camera software, NVRs, and hybrid surveillance systems consisting of CCTV cameras and IP security cameras.

NUUO Surveillance System Manual

Click here to download: NUUO surveillance system manual

Hard Drive Space & Bandwith Requirements Calculator

NUUO Surveillance System Setup Videos

Remote Internet Surveillance VideoThe following video shows users how to set up the NUUO surveillance system for remote Internet viewing using Internet Explorer. These instructions are for NUUO DVR cards and NUUO IP camera software: Remote Surveillance Internet Viewing Setup for Internet Explorer.
Motion Detection Recording Setup VideoThe following video shows users hot to setup the NUUO surveillance system for motion detection recording.

Find more videos here: NUUO surveillance system videos

NUUO Surveillance System Quick Start Setup

NUUO IP Camera Setup - These instructions show users how to detect and configure IP security cameras using NUUO IP camera software.

Multiple Monitor Setup - These instructions document how to set up multiple monitors using NUUO surveillance systems.

Remote Server and Remote Live Viewer Setup
- These step by step instructions with screenshots describe how to set up the live streaming server function and remote live viewer function using the NUUO Remote Live Viewer surveillance software.

Multiple location remote camera viewing - The following instructions demonstrate how to set-up NUUO surveillance system for remote viewing security cameras from multiple remote locations.

Internet Connection Speed Planning for IP camera systems - This article describes how to plan for network speed and Internet connection requirements for IP camera system.

Audio Surveillance Recording - These instructions guide the user through enabling audio surveillance recording setup.

NUUO NVRmini Stand Alone NVR Support

NUUO Mini Video export / backup instructions

NUUO DVR Card & IP Software FAQ

Does NUUO work with Windows Vista?
At this time, 5/6/2009, NUUO NVR (IP camera licenses) are compatible with Windows Vista. As far as DVR cards, some series are and some are not. The 5000 and 4000 series cards are NOT Vista compatible, however, the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 7000 series are.

Can NUUO DVR cards be mixed with different channel DVR cards on the same PC? For example, can a 4 channel card be stacked on the same PC as an 8 channel card?
The only series card that supports mixing different channel cards on the same PC is the 5000 series cards.

Does the per camera recording frame rate varies depending on the number of cameras connected to the card?
Yes. For example, if you are using a NUUO SCB-1004 DVR card which supports 30 frames per second recording and you only have one camera connected to the card and configured to record, that camera can record at the full 30 FPS. However, if you connect 4 cameras to the SCB-1004, the frame rate per camera is 7.5 frames per second per camera.