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Multiple Location Remote Camera Viewing

The following instructions demonstrate how to set-up NUUO surveillance system for remote viewing security cameras from multiple remote locations. This is done by using the "Group Function" for multiple sets of security cameras with the NUUO Security Camera Surveillance Software. This is handy when you want to view a specific preset group of security cameras simultaneously (i.e. Pool, Clubhouse, Locker Room, Tennis Courts, etc.). It allows you to view cameras from multiple NUUO systems from one central location and on one screen.

1. Start the NUUO software go to [Remote Live Viewer]
2. Click [Site Setup] button to open Live View Setting panel
3. Enter the Server name, Address, Port, User Name, Password to Server
4. Click [Add] to add server
5. The server name will show on the right table
6. Click [OK] to save the setting

7. Choose server name on the server list
8. Click [Log in] and enter user account and password

9. All associated cameras on this server will show on the table
10. Click [Site Setup] button to open Live View Setting panel again
11. Choose [Group]
12. Click [Insert] and enter a group name

13. Choose cameras which you want to join this group
14. Click button

15. You will see the cameras list of this group on left table

16. Repeat step 12-15 to set all groups you want.
17. An example is shown in the red box below.
18. Click [OK] to save the setting

19. Go Back to Live Viewer and click [Group] to change server list to group view.
20. Right-click on the group name which you want to see.
21. Click [connect All in the Group]

22. You will now see the cameras from the specified Group on the screen.