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HDCVI to HDMI video converter


HDCVI BNC to HDMI Converter

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The HDCV-3-C is an HD-CVI to HDMI converter that is used to display video from an HD-CVI security camera on an HDTVI monitor. The BNC video input supports 720p, 1080p, 4 megapixel, and 4K (8 Megapixel) HDCVI security cameras. The HDMI video output supports 1080p resolution.

Multiple HDCV-3-C converters can be used as a video splitter to connect a TVI camera to multiple HDMI monitors. This is done using the BNC loop output which allows you to send the native HDCVI video signal to another device, such as a surveillance DVR or second converter.

This converter is typically used to connect an HD-CVI security camera to an HDMI monitor to display a live high definition video feed. Click here to see how this device can be used to display live surveillance video at a retail store entrance.

In addition to CVI cameras, this converter also supports AHD and HD-TVI cameras.

The HDCV-3-C does not support standard definition analog CCTV cameras. Please click here if you are looking for a CCTV to HDMI converter for analog cameras.

HDCVI Video Converter Specs

  • 1 BNC Video Input
  • 1 BNC Loop Output
  • 1 HDMI Video Output
  • Supported HD-CVI Camera Resolutions & Frame Rates:
    • 720p @ 25/30/50/60 FPS
    • 1080p @ 25/30 FPS
    • 4 megapixel 2560 x 1440p @ 25/30 FPS
    • 4K (8 Megapixel) 3840 x 2160 @ 15 FPS
    Supported HD-TVI Camera Resolutions & Frame Rates:
    • 720p @ 25/30/50/60 FPS
    • 1080p @ 25/30 FPS
    • 3 megapixel (2048 x 1536) @ 18/25/30 FPS
    • 4 megapixel 2688 x 1520p @ 15 FPS
    • 4 megapixel 2560 x 1440p @ 12/25/30 FPS
    • 5 megapixel 2592 x 1944p @ 12.5/20 FPS
    • 4K (8 megapixel) 3840 x 2160 @ 15 FPS
  • Supported AHD Camera Resolutions & Frame Rates:
    • 720p @ 25/30 FPS
    • 1080p @ 25/30 FPS
    • 3 megapixel (2048 x 1536) @ 18/25/30 FPS
    • 4 megapixel 2560 x 1440p @ 12/25/30 FPS
    • 5 megapixel 2592 x 1944p @ 12.5/20 FPS
  • Supported HDMI Output Resolution: 1080p 60Hz
  • Support transmission distance up to 300m over coaxial cable
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C~60°C / -14°F~140°F
  • Dimensions: 95(L) x 94 (W) x 28(H) mm
  • 5V DC Micro USB Power Supply Included

BNC to HDMI Converter

AHD to HDMI Converter BNC Video Input / Output

This is how installers connect the HDCV-3-C.
  • An HDCVI security camera is connected to the BNC video input using coax cable that is compatible with HDCVI cameras.
  • The HDMI output is connected to a TV monitor using an HDMI cable.
  • The 5V DC Micro USB power supply is connected to the device and a power source.
  • The LED lights will indicate the status.
  • Optional: the BNC video output can be connected to an HDCVI compatible DVR or to a second HDCV-3-C converter. This will enable live video display on an additional monitor.

Megapixel / 4K Version Update

HD Security Camera to HDMI TV

Update! The current version HDCV-3 that CCTV Camera Pros supplies supports HD over Coax resolutions higher than 1080p and the body has changed slightly. On the side of the device where the BNC input / loop output is located, there are now LEDs that specify what resolution has been detected by the video input. In addition there is a 75Ω / HI-Z switch. If you are using the BNC loop output (optional), this switch should be set to HI-Z. If you are only using the HDMI output (without the BNC loop), this should be set to the 75Ω setting.

How to Connect HD-CVI Camera to HDMI Monitor

Connect HDCVI CCTV Camera to HDMI Monitor and DVR

The above wiring diagram shows how to connect an HDCVI CCTV camera to an HDMI monitor and surveillance DVR. Because many HDCVI compatible DVRs do not have loop outputs (like traditional CCTV DVRs do), the BNC loop output of the HDVC-3-C is used to share the CVI video signal between 2 devices. In this diagram, we share video from a single CVI security camera with an HD TV and an HDCVI compatible DVR.

Connect HDCVI Security Camera to Multiple HDMI Monitors

Connect HDCVI Security Camera to Multiple HDMI Monitors

The above diagram shows how-to connect an HDCVI camera to two high definition TVs using two HDCV-3-C converters that are linked together using an RG59 jumper cable. Here is how it works.

  1. The HDCVI camera is connected to the HDVC-3-C video converter using RG59 coax cable. You can use this premade Siamese cables for HD security cameras if you want to power the camera from a source near the first converter. Or if you are powering the camera at the location where the camera is installed, you can use these RG59 jumper cables.
  2. The video converter has a BNC loop output which lets you connect the video to a second device using a coax jumper cable. In this installation, we connect it to a second video converter using a premade RG59 jumper / patch cable. A 3rd video converter could be connected to the 2nd one this same way if an additional monitor was needed. You can connect as many monitors as you need by adding additional HDVC-3-C video converters.
  3. Last, use an HDMI cable to connect the HDMI output of each video converter to a TV / monitor.

  4. Security Camera Video Monitor at Retail Store Entrance

    HD security camera monitor displayed at retail store entrance

    The HDCV-3-C can be used by retail stores to display a live surveillance video feed at the store entrance. This type of installation is very typically used by major retail chains. It creates a theft deterrence and helps customers feel safe knowing that the store uses security cameras.

Ultimate HD over Coax & CCTV Compatibility

The HDCV-3-C provides the ultimate compatibility with almost all BNC HD security cameras. Security camera manufacturers around the world use a variety of video standards including HDCVI, AHD, HD-TVI, and CVBS. This security camera to HDMI video converter is compatible with all of them including (but not limited to) cameras from CCTV Camera Pros, Samsung, Lorex, Night Owl, Swann, Samsung, QSee, Defender. If you need help determining if this converter is compatible with your camera, please click to contact us and we will help.

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