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4K Security Camera DVRs

  • Remote View 4K Security Cameras from iPhone and Android Mobile Apps
  • Hybrid 4K DVR HD-TVI, AHD, HD-TVI, analog CCTV Compatible
  • 4K Video Surveillance DVR
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4K security camera DVRs from iDVR-PRO are now available. Please note that only the iDVR-PRO models on this page are the ones that currently support 4K security cameras. iDVR-PRO has been CCTV Camera Pros best selling surveillance DVR line for more than 5 years. These are hybrid CCTV / HD security camera DVRs that support analog CCTV, AHD (analog high definition, and HD-TVI security cameras. These DVRs support these recording modes: motion detection, continuous, scheduled, and alarm triggered. Internet monitoring is easy to setup so that users can view their security cameras remotely from mobile apps for iOS and Android. Windows PC and Mac DVR viewer software (desktop software) is also included. CCTV Camera Pros provides FREE Lifetime Tech Support on all of our Digital Video Recorders. Remote access setup is included.

iPhone App
iPhone App
Android App
Android App
Mac Software
Mac Software
Windows CMS Software
Windowss CMS Software

Please click on the above links to see why these great apps make the iDVR-PRO our Best Surveillance DVR for remote camera viewing.
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CCTV / HD Surveillance System DVR 16ch CCTV / HD Surveillance System DVR, AHD, TVI, 4K, Mac iOS Android

iDVR-PRO16A 16ch Hybrid AHD / CCTV DVR

  • Type: Stand Alone Hybrid DVR
  • Inputs: 16 BNC Camera
  • Formats: Analog CCTV, HD-TVI, AHD
  • Resolutions: 960H, 720p, 1080p, 4mp, 5mp, 8mp / 4K
  • Audio Surveillance: Yes. 4 RCA Inputs
  • Recording: 30fps@1080p, 30fps@4mp, 12fps@5mp, 8fps@4K
  • Monitor Outputs: HDMI, VGA, BNC
  • HDMI Display: 4K Resolution
  • VGA Display: 1080p Resolution
  • Alarm: 4 Inputs, 2 Relay Outputs
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android
  • PC Software: Windows, Mac
  • Storage: 2 Drive Bays (up to 24TB)

Our Price: $999.99

Custom 4K Security System Quotes

HD Security Camera System Quote

Do you need a custom 4K surveillance DVR system? CCTV Camera Pros can provide a custom system quote that includes a mix of various camera styles, cables, connectors, power supplies, and monitors. We can include a 4 channel, 8 channel, or 16 channel DVR. As you have probably already seen on our website, we have 2, 4, 8, and 16 camera surveillance systems in pre-made packages. However, it is not possible for us to package up every combination and quantity of all the different camera models that we carry. Use this form to request a quote.

When you request a quote, we will also send you login information to our demo system so that you can try out the remote viewing apps.

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BBB Rating & Reviews

CCTV Camera Pros is proud to have an A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We also maintain a 5 star online review rating with

HD Security Camera Live View

HD Security Camera DVR

This is a screenshot of the live camera view captured directly from the HDMI monitor output of an iDVR-PRO16A. iDVR-PRO supports 4k video resolution via the HDMI output. This screenshot shows the high quality of video surveillance that you get when connecting HD security cameras to these DVRs. Please click on the image to see a full-sized view.

Compatible with Analog CCTV, AHD, and HD-TVI Cameras

iDVR-PRO hybrid HD-TVI AHD DVRs work with the following security camera types and resolutions.

  • AHD Cameras (720p, 1080p, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp resolution supported)
  • HD-TVI Cameras (720p, 1080p, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp, 8mp / 4K resolution supported)
  • Analog CCTV Cameras (all analog CVBS resolution supported including CIF, D1, 960H)

In addition to supplying these DVRs with our security cameras, we also help customers that are looking for a replacement DVR for their existing CCTV system. Many customers want to replace their DVR but want to still use their existing cable and cameras. iDVR-PROs work with almost any BNC security camera including Night Owl, Swann, Samsung, Lorex, and many others.

Hybrid CCTV / AHD DVRs let you use your existing standard definitions cameras now and upgrade to HD security cameras when you are ready. All BNC inputs support all video formats.

Video Demos

Important Note:Click the gear icon in the lower right of the video players and select 1080p resolution so that you can view the video in the highest resolution available.

East to Use Interface

The graphical user interface on all iDVR-PRO models is very easy to use. Users can navigate the menu system using the USB mouse that is included. Watch the below video to see how easy this surveillance DVR is to use.

Security Camera DVR Introduction

4K Video Surveillance (Recorded Demo)

4K Security Camera DVR Recording

Watch this video to see 4K video surveillance footage recorded using an iDVR-PRO DVR.

1080p HD Video Surveillance

Some users will use a mix of 4K and 1080p security cameras. Watch this video to see what recorded 1080p HD video surveillance footage looks like when played back on an iDVR-PRO.

Easy Remote Access

iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs are designed for easy setup and remote access. You can find all of our iDVR-PRO setup guides, support articles, and user manuals here. CCTV Camera Pros provides FREE Lifetime Technical Support with all of the products that we supply. Please take a look at the below videos that demonstrate the easy remote access.

iPhone App

iPhone CCTV Camera App

Watch this video to see the live security camera view from the iDVR-PRO mobile app for iPhone. You can learn more about the iDVR-PRO Viewer app for iOS here.

Android App

View Security Cameras Android App

Watch this video demo to see the live camera view from the iDVR-PRO mobile app for Android. You can learn more about the iDVR-PRO Viewer app for Android here.

Mac Software

This video demonstrates the remote security camera view using the Mac DVR software for iDVR-PRO. You can learn more about the Mac DVR client / camera viewer software for iDVR-PRO here.

Windows CMS Software

This video demonstrates remote security camera view using the Windows CMS software for iDVR-PRO. The software also allows users to playback video recorded on their DVR's hard drive, control PTZ cameras, manage their DVRs configuration, and even create custom views of multiple locations / DVRs. Check out this article that documents how to set up the software to view multiple DVRs. You can learn more about the Windows DVR viewer software here.

Additional Video Demos

H.264 CCTV DVR Setup

Want to watch more iDVR-PRO videos? CCTV Camera Pros has created this video library page for iDVR-PRO DVR recorders.

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