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Multiple Monitor Display Set-up for NUUO Surveillance Systems

The following instructions show how to setup Multiple Monitor Displays for the NUUO surveillance system with remote Internet viewing for up to three separate monitors.Please follow the instructions below to set up a triple monitor display system supported by the [Main Console], [Playback], [Remote Playback], [Remote Web Viewer] and [Remote Web Playback]
*Important Note: The H.264 compressed videos can only be displayed on the primary monitor

Installing the video cards
1. Install 2 video cards of the exact same brand and model into the appropriate slots
2. Connect 1st monitor to DVI port, 2nd monitor to DSUB port on the first video card. Then
connect 3rd monitor onto the DVI port on the second video card. (Newer video cards may
have 2x DVI ports instead of 1x DVI + 1x DSUB as demonstrated here, just go ahead and plug
them in)

Setup in windows (Windows XP)

3. Right-click on [Desktop] > [Properties] > [Settings]
4. Select monitor 2 and click on [Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor] to enable it
5. Select monitor 3 and do the same

Setup in NUUO’s Main Console

6. Start [Main Console]>[Config]>[Setting]>[Monitor Display]
7. Click on [Primary]
8. Add any camera you want to view on the primary monitor by moving them
from the left (8.) and right (9.) panels
9. Remove any undesired cameras by moving them from (9.) to (8.)

10. Click on Secondary and pick the cameras to be displayed on the secondary monitor
11. Select [3] at [Run Playback on Monitor] to have playback displayed on monitor 3
12. Click [OK] to save all configuration and back to [Main Console]

13. Click on [Start]>[Enable Secondary Display]
14. Click on [Playback]
15. Congratulations! You have just completed triple monitor display and should now see something like this:

Displaying live or remote live videos on all three monitors (version 3.0 or later only)
16. There are multiple ways you can have live or remote live videos displaying on all three of the
monitors at the same time. We will only demonstrate the standard method here.
17. Do setup 1 to 12 the same way but on step 13, instead of clicking on [Enable Secondary
Display], start [NUUO Remote Live Viewer]>[Setting]>[Server] and click on [Re-open Remote
Live Viewer on the 2nd monitor]
18. Your [Remote Live Viewer] should now display video on your secondary monitor

19. Open up [Internet Explorer] in monitor 3 and start a browser-based remote live view session on it
20. You should now have [Main Console] on Monitor 1, [Remote Live Viewer] on Monitor 2, and [Web based Remote Live Viewer] on Monitor 3
21. If you are not sure how to start a browser-based remote live view, please refer to our user

We hope these instructions have helped explain the basic steps to setup Multiple Monitor Displays for NUUO surveillance systems.

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