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NUUO Surveillance System Remote Live Viewer Function

With the Remote Live Viewer console, remote users may watch real-time video from cameras with remote live streaming servers. There are 2 main sections to the setup:
  1. Setting up the Remote Server function
  2. Setting up the Remote Live Viewer function
The following instructions will show the step by step process for both the remote server and remote live view setup. First, you must set up the Remote Server as follows:

The Network Service function of the NUUO Surveillance System software allows users to configure the following 5 types of network services: live streaming server, remote playback server, 3GPP service, Remote Desktop, and Central Management Service. From the Main Console, go to Config > Network Service to obtain the Network Service panel.

This page pertains to the Live Streaming Server option for Remote Live Viewing. When starting the live streaming function of your computer, you allow remote users to log on to the specific computer and view cameras that are connected to it. As the system administrator, you are able to monitor these accounts in order to maintain the system efficiency.

1. Setting up the Remote Server function (Live Streaming Server)

Add Remote Playback Site - Pressing the “Remote Server” takes you to the remote playback site management to add and set up the remote playback site.

Remote Server Setup 1

Step 1: Enter the IP address or DNS, Port, Username, and Password.
Step 2: Click “Add” to add the server.
Step 3: Click OK to exit the Setting panel.

2. Setting up the Remote Live Viewer function

Open the NUUO Remote Live View program

Remote Viewer 1

Server Setting:

Remote Viewer 2

Step 1: Enter the Server Name which you want to use.
Step 2: enter the Address, Port, User Name, Password which you want to use to log in server.
Step 3: Enable the Save Password if you do not want to enter the password again when logging in. You can enable Auto Login option to auto login when starting the Remote Live Viewer.
Step 4: Click on Test Server to check the server setting is available.
Step 5: Click add to insert the setting to the server list.
Step 6: Select a server from the right server list, change the setting on the light panel and click update to modify the setting. Or click Delete to remove the server form server list after selecting one server.
Note: If you want to Re-open the Remote Live Viewer on the secondary monitor, please enable the Re-open Remote Live Viewer on 2nd Monitor.

Remote Viewer 3

Group Setup Panel

You may put different cameras into the same group
Step 1: Go to the Group tab of the LiveView Setting panel.
Step 2: Log in to all the servers that contain the camera(s) you would like to put into the group(s).
Step 3: Click Insert to create a new group; name the group for future reference.
Step 4: From the window at the right, highlight the camera(s) that you would like to add to a group and then click on the <-- button. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the group setting.
Step 5: Click on the Delete and Rename button to remove or rename a specific group.
Step 6: Repeat Step 3 to 5 until you are done with creating and setting groups.
Step 7: Click OK.

Setup Cameras OSD (On Screen Display)

You may adjust font style on this panel,

Remote Viewer 4
Step 1: Enable camera OSD option.
Step 2: Select the font, font size, font color and any font effects desired.
Step 3: Select the information that you wish to see in the sub-screen of the camera.

Setup Remote Joystick Control

Please switch to Joystick tab and the configuration is the same as on the Main Console.
Note: The difference of Main Console is that the action of Goto camera option in Remote Live View is going to be the view of the layout.

Show Camera(s) On the Display Screen: Select a camera(s) from the server/ camera list on the right and then drag it to where you want the image to be displayed. On the server/ camera list, right click on a camera to connect/ disconnect it.
Remote Viewer 5

Log In/ Log Out: Select a server or a group and click on the login/ out icon to access/ leave the server. You may also login/ out from the server by right-clicking on it.
Server and Camera List: Display a complete list of the server(s) and camera(s) that are added to the system.
PTZ Camera Control: You may control the camera view by utilizing the PTZ camera control panel to adjust the camera view. This is only available with cameras that support PTZ function.

Remote Viewer 6

Minimize: Minimize the Remote Live View Console window.
Exit: Shut down the system or log out current user.
Digital Zoom: Click on the + and - signs to zoom in and out the view.
Play / Stop/ Drop: Select a camera/ video and click on this button to play/stop/disconnect a particular channel.
Information Display Window: Display video information including server name, video current status, and bit rate for a selected channel.
Playback: View playback video remotely.
Snapshot: Select the snapshot function to capture a specific video image immediately.
Remote I/O: User can remote adjust the Output Pins by turning it on or off (click on Status to turn on or off).

Remote Viewer 7