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DVR Internet Viewer Setup for MPEG4 DVRs

Instructions on installing and setting up the Windows PC based DVR viewer software for our MPEG4 surveillance DVRs. The DVR viewer allows you to control our MPEG4 series surveillance DVRs over a local network (LAN) or remotely over the internet.

Local network (LAN) Setup Instructions for MPEG4 DVR Viewer - These setup instructions explain how to install the DVR viewer software on a Windows based computer and connect the computer to the DVR via a local network (LAN). This allows users to monitor and control the DVR and view the security cameras that are connected to the DVR from a computer

Internet Setup Instructions for MPEG4 DVR Viewer using D-Link Routers
- These setup instructions explain how to setup the DVR viewer for monitoring and management over an internet connection using a dynamic IP address.  Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service and a D-Link router which supports DDNS is used for this setup.

Internet Setup Instructions for MPEG4 DVR Viewing using LinkSys Routers - These instructions are the same as above, except a Cisco LinkSys router which supports DynDNS is used.  Instructions to setup dynamic IP address management for Linksys router is covered here.

Internet Setup Instructions for MPEG4 DVR Viewing using a Router with no DynDNS Support - Some routers do not support Dynamic DNS services like natively. If you have a Windows computer connected to the same router as your surveillance DVR, you can still use the service to manage the dynamic IP address provided by your cable or DSL internet access provider. A small program needs to be installed on your computer which updates the service when and if your IP address changes for your internet connection.

Recording Setup for MPEG4 DVRs

Motion Detection Recording - This article contains instructions on how to setup motion detection recording on our MPEG4 series DVRs.

Surveillance Video Backup - This article explains how to backup your videos to a CD-RW or DVD-RW and view the video on a Windows computer.

Master Password Reset

If you forgot your master password on the MPEG4 or MPEG4X2 DVR series, follow the following instructions.  WARNING: These instructions reset the entire DVR to the factory default settings (not just the password).
  1. Shut down the DVR by the power switch of on the back of the unit.
  2. Power back on by the switch on the back of the DVR.
  3. Press and hold the “auto” button after the 2 beeps sound.
  4. Wait until a long beep sounds.
  5. Power down agina and power up the unit.
  6. The DVR should now be reset to factory default settings including the password (11111111).

DVR Battery Replacement

The MPEG4 DVR does have a small battery inside of it to keep the clock set in case the unit looses power.  The battery type is a Panasonic CR2032 3V battery.  It is a round battery about more than twice the size of a standard watch battery.  Please refer to the below image.  The battery is located inside of the DVR case right up against the BNC connectors.