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940nm IR Camera Invisible Infrared LED Detection Video Test

This video uses a PIR-IR60 hidden spy camera which uses 940nm IR LEDs to confirm that the infrared beam is invisible and cannot be detected by a smart phone camera.

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Video Summary

This video was created to answer a customer question that was submitted via email. The customer wrote the following.
Thanks for taking the time to create the video for the PIR-IR60, it looks great. One question I have for you - if you point your camera-phone at the PIR's built in Infrared Illuminator at night, do you see a white glow on your phone giving away the location of the camera?

Surveillance Equipment Used

This video uses the PIR-IR60 hidden spy camera.

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Mike Haldas

Video Producer

This video was produced by Mike Haldas, co-founder and managing partner of CCTV Camera Pros. Questions about this video can be directed to