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Surveillance System Setup & Installation Videos

The following surveillance system installation videos were created to demonstrate to our customers how easy it is to install our cctv equipment and guide them through the process, step by step. Each of the below links to videos, will bring you to a page on our surveillance system video site. We hope that you find these videos useful. If you have any suggestions on additional videos that you would like to see or how we can improve the quality of these setup guides, please contact us. We will be adding new videos to our online library very often.

How to Connect a Security Camera to a Surveillance DVR
This video demonstrates how to connect a security camera to a DVR using BNC plug and play cables and a standard camera power supply.

Surveillance System Setup using a Power Supply Distribution Box
This video demonstrates how to connect a security camera to a DVR and run the camera power to a camera power supply distribution box.

DVR Surveillance System Internet Monitoring Video Setup Instructions
This video demostrates how to setup a surveillance system for remote internet viewing via a cable or DSL connection. Dynamic IP address management is covered.

Outdoor Security Camera Housing Setup
This video demostrates how to setup a security camera housing to prepare a CCTV camera for weatherproof outdoor use.

How to Connect BNC Crimp On Connectors to RG59 Siamese CCTV Cable
This video teaches CCTV installers how to connect a two piece BNC connector to a RG-59 coax cable.

NUUO Surveillance System Videos

The following videos document how to use the NUUO surveillance software that is included with both NUUO DVR cards for CCTV cameras and NUUO IP camera software.  The software that is used for both IP security cameras and CCTV cameras is the same and can also be used to build a hybrid surveillance system consisting of both types of cameras (up to 64 cameras per DVR/NVR).

Motion Detection Recording Setup
Video Search & Playback
Video Search & Playback
Object Missing Surveillance Video
Object Missing Surveillance Setup
Video Surveillance Object Counting
Video Surveillance Object Counting

FTP File Upload on Motion Event

Geovision System Setup & Installation Videos

Geovision DVR Cards: What’s inside the Box?
This video shows what comes inside the box when you order a Geovision DVR Card from CCTV Camera Pros.

Geovision DVR Card Video Installation Instructions
This video shows how to install a geovision DVR card into a PCI slot of a Windows personal computer.

JPEG Surveillance DVR Setup Videos

Motion Detection Recording Setup
This video provides setup instructions to enable motion detection recording on our JPEG2000 & JPEG2000 dual codec DVRs.

MPEG-4 Surveillance DVR Setup Videos

Motion Detection Alarm & Recording Setup
This video provides setup instructions to enable motion detection recording on a MPEG-4 series surveillance DVR. Motion detection is enabled by creating a “masked” area in a surveillance cameras view. When motion is detected in the “masked” area, the DVR is triggered to begin recording.

Security Camera Demonstrations

PTZ Security Camera & IP Video Server
This video show a product demonstration of a PTZ security camera being controlled by an IP video server.

Misc Videos & Sample Images

Security Camera Text Verification - the following images were taken by request from a potential customer that wanted to know if our security cameras were capable of reading the text on a soda can from 2 to 3 feet away.

BNC Crimp-On to RG59 Cable Connect Security Camera to Surveillance DVR Geovision Surveillance Video Example
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Motion Detection Recording Setup PTZ Camera & IP Video Server Security Camera Housing
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Soda Bottle Text Test Internet Surveillance Viewing Setup
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