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How to connect a security camera to a surveillance DVR

The following video demostrates how easy it is to connect a security camera to a surveillance DVR using CCTV plug and play cables.

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Complete Video Transcript:
Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros Surveillance Video Instruction Series.

In this video we will demonstrate how to connect a security camera to a stand alone surveillance DVR using BNC plug and play CCTV cables.

The following equipment is used in this video.

We have placed all of our equipment on a table here.

Step one is to connect the plug and play cable to the DVR.

The male BNC connector on the cable very simple pushes and twists on to the female BNC input on the back of the DVR.

Next, grab the other end of the cable.

Attach the BNC connector to the security camera. Again, it simply pushes and twists on.

Next attach the power side of the cable to the power input of the camera. This simple pushes on.

Next, attach the power supply plug of the security camera to the other end of the plug and play cable.

Last, plug the power supply into a standard power outlet.

We hope that this video was helpful for you to understand how simple it is to hook up a security camera to a surveillance dvr using the equipment that CCTV Camera Pros supplies. Please visit our website at

Thank You for watching.