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Surveillance DVR Motion Detection Recording Setup

The following video demonstrates how to setup the JPEG surveillance DVR for motion detection recording.

Complete Video Transcript:

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction series.  In this video we will show you how to setup our JPEG Internet DVR for motion detection recording.

Start by pressing the menu button on your DVR or remote control.  You will be prompted for the admin password.  Enter your password and press OK.  The default password is blank so if you did not set up a password yet, just hit OK.

On the System menu, select Record Setup.

On the record setup screen, select record configuration. The first option on the screen is overwrite, leave this turned on to automatically set the DVR to record over the oldest video when the hard drive becomes full.
We recommend that you leave the quality set to super fine for the clearest possible video images.  We recommend setting the resolution to 720 * 240. 

To conserve hard drive space we recommend setting the recording frame rate slightly lower by adjusting the record in motion and continuous record settings to 1/3 or 1/4.  This will lower the recording frame rate but not effect resolution.  When done click on the menu button to go back to the record setup screen. Now select schedule setup and press OK.  Use the + and - button on the DVR or remote to cycle through all of the available recording schedule configurations.  

You can also change the mode so that you are not adjusting all hours of all days of the week.  You can also adjust each 2 hour increment of each day differently.  For example if you want to set your system to continous recording during business hours and to motion detection recording in after hours, this is also easy to do.  For thie example, we will set all times to motion detection recording by setting each 2 hour increment to -M-. 

When we are done we press the menu button 3 times to exit the menu system and save our settings.

This system is now setup for motion detection recording.

If you have any questions about this DVR or any surveillance product, please contact us or visit our website

Thank You for watching.