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PTZ Security Camera & IP Video Server Demo

The following video demonstrates using an IP video server to control the pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) functions of the PTZ-92E001 PTZ security camera.

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros surveillance system video instruction series. The following video demonstrates some of the capabilities of our PTZ speed dome security camera and our IP video server. The IP video server converts any analog CCTV camera to an IP security camera by providing ethernet video output and embedded video server software that supports remote access and controls of the PTZ camera over an IP network.

The PTZ camera connects to the IP server with a standard male BNC connector for the video and uses RS-485 to control the PTZ functions. Here standard doorbell wire is used for the RS-485 connection. The IP server has both BNC and Cat-5 outputs so you can connect the IP server to a network as well as to an analog surveillance DVR. When the video server is connected to a network that it also connected to the Internet, the IP server allows an operator to view and control the functions of the PTZ camera over the Internet using the Internet Explorer.

We will start this demonstration now by opening Internet Explorer and navigating to the IP address of the video server. We will be prompt for the userid and password to log in. Once logged in, we will see the initial view that the camera is focused on. We will then switch to the PTZ camera controls so that we can move the camera. First we pan to the right. Then we tilt the camera view up. Next, we will use the zoom function of the camera to focus closely on a small object. As you can see, the camera automatically focuses very quickly after you adjust the pan, tilt, or zoom angle of the lens.

Next, we zoom the camera's view back out. And pan further to the right to view the front door. Next, we will demonstrate how to setup preset locations for the camera to adjust its view to. First we adjust the camera view to the location that we want to configure a preset view for. Then we select the number of the preset, select a name for it and press set. Let's move the camera view away so that we can demonstrate how the server remembers preset locations. We select the preset location from the dropdown box and press the go button. The camera quickly adjusts its view to the preset location.

Here are some of the configuration options that the IP video server supports: On the systems setting page, you can select the type of PTZ camera, the ID of the camera and the baud rate that will be used. You can also select the port that you want to use on your network to connect to and communicate with the IP server. The time menu allows you to adjust the date and time of the IP video server.

The user settings screen allow you to add and remove the users that have access to the server. This screen also shows you who is currently logged into the server. The motion & alarm screen allow you to configure your security camera to record and send alarms on motions detection. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection also. By setting up the mail settings section, you can configure the video server to send you an email alert when motion is detected by your camera. You can also configure surveillance images to be transferred via FTP to a server that you designate by setting up the FTP settings.

Let's go back to the camera view and demonstrate the PTZ capabilities one last time. With the zoom capability of the camera we demonstrate here how well the camera can focus closely on objects. We are able to zoom in to view the cover of this music book and see the faces on the cover as well as read the title clearly.

We hope that this video was helpful in demonstrating the capabilities of CCTV Camera Pros PTZ security camera and IP video server. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please visit us online at or call 888-849-2288.

Thank You for Watching.