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Geovision Surveillance Video

The following surveillance video was taken using a Geovision surveillance system in MPEG-4 format.  The video was exported from Geovision as an AVI file, then converted to a flash movie file using a Windows video editing program.  The purpose of this conversion was to prove that a surveillance video could be converted to a internet video format so that it could be displayed on a webpage and/or downloaded for viewing. 

Please note that the video quality that you are viewing on this webpage is lower quality than the actual recorded video and live video that you will see on a Geovision system.  The process of exporting the video and converting it to a flash video for display on this webpage degrades the quality.   The quality of this video is a bit better in the windows media format, but the quality is still not as good as it is directly on the Geovision surveillance system.  Please click on the link below the flash video to view the windows media surveillance video version.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this video.

Click here to view a much better quality windows media file version of this home security camera system video.

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