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How to Connect BNC Crimp on Connectors to RG59 Siamese CCTV Cables

The following video demonstrates how to connect 2 piece BNC crimp on connectors to RG-59 siamese cctv cables.

We have an updated video here that shows how to connect 2 piece BNC connectors to RG59. Please visit that page for the most up to date instructions for installers.

Complete Video Transcript:

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction.  In this video we will teach you how to attach a BNC crimp on connector to a RG59 siamese CCTV cable.

Step one.  Grab one end of your RG59 cable.

Using a pair of wire cutters separate the RG59 coax cable from the 18 guage power cables.

Using the barrel piece of an BNC crimp on connector, measure how much of the cable jacket you will need to strip.  You want to strip away the length of the wide part of the crimp on piece which is about half of its full length.

Then, using a cable stripper tool or wire cutters strip the outer rubber sheilding of the RG59.

Be careful not to cut the braided copper wire inside the first layer of insulation.

Next, move the braided copper wire aside.  You can twist the braided wire together like this.

Then, using wire strippers remove the inner sheilding from the RG59.  This will expose the thin copper wire that is used for the CCTV video communication.

Sometimes there is a small ridge of cable sheilding left on the RG59 from when you separated the RG59 from the 18 guage wire.  Using a razor blade, carefully remove this ridge because it can prevent you from sliding the barrel portion of the BNC connector over the cable.  Be careful not to remove too much.  Make sure you do not expose any copper braided wire.

Next, straighten the two pieces of braided copper wires so that we can slip the connector barrel over the RG59 cable.

Blace the barrel piece of the BNC connector over the cable, small side first, and slide the barrel up the RG59 cable like this.  Slide it just past the entire stripped portion of cable.

Spread the braided copper wire again to ensure that non of it is touching the inner copper wire.  This is very important.  If the braided wire is touching the communication cable, the cable will not work correctly and can even interfere with other cables connected to your surveillance system.

Slide the male BNC piece of the two piece connector over the RG59 cable.

The push the barrel over the male part of the BNC connector and make sure it is resting together tight.

Using an RG-59 crimping tool, firmly crimp the connector onto the cable.  Some cable crimping tools have more than one setting on them.  Be sure to use the RG59 section.

After connected, confirm that it is firmly attached.

Follow this same process to attach a BNC crimp on to the other end of the RG59 cable.

If you have any questions about this video please visit our website or call our toll free number.

Thank you for watching.