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Outdoor Camera Housing

Outdoor Camera Housing Our outdoor camera housing allows CCTV installers to easily mount box and IP security cameras inside, which makes the cameras waterproof/weatherproof and usable for outdoor installations.  The following instructions and images demonstrate how easy it is to mount an IP security camera inside one of the camera housings that CCTV Camera Pros offers. Our outdoor camera housings are available in white or beige colors.

Camera Housing BracketThe housing mounts on top of a bracket like the one shown to the right.  The housing bracket can be mounted to wall or pole.  The bracket is capable of rotating 360 degrees so that the installer can get the exact angle of view that he needs.

Housing Rear View

The housing is easily opened for camera installation by a latch on the rear of the case.  The latch can be secured with a pad lock after the camera is installed to avoid vandalism and theft.

Camera Housing Cover Open

Here is an image of what the housing looks like with the cover opened.  The top of the housing's case simply opens upward on hinges, allowing for easy access to the track where the security camera will be installed.

Camera Housing Mount Removed

Once the housing case is opened, the track that the camera attaches to can simply be lifted and removed by gently pulling it upward. With the track removed from the housing, it is very easy to mount the camera.

Mount Camera to Bracket
The security camera, in this example our IP-MJ380 IP security camera, mounts easily with a screw to the housing track.  The same mounting technique is used for all of the pro box security cameras that we sell.

Camera Mounted
Here is an image of the camera mounted to the track before it is installed back into the housing.

Housing Opened with Camera Installed

After the camera is mounted, the track can be installed back into the housing by pushing down on the tracl and snapping it into place.

Housing Rear View

With the camera track installed, the top of the housing should be shut and the latch secured.

Housing Mounted to Bracket

Normally, the housing bracket is attached to the wall or location of the installation first, then the camera housing is attached to it as seen here.

Housing Wiring Location

The security camera's power and video wire can be run out of the bottom of the housing's case as noted here.

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