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Remote Viewing of Zavio IP Cameras via iPhone Safari Web Browser App

The following instructions will explain how to setup your iPhone for use with any Zavio IP Camera.
This function will allow you to view your IP cameras via the Zavio Web Interface directly from your iPhone.

*Note: This setup guide assumes that you have assigned a static IP address to your IP Camera and that you have setup Port Forwarding to allow internet access to your LAN (Local Area Network).

1. Select Safari function

Zavio IP Camera iPhone Setup Step 1

2. Enter IP address into your web link (a.k.a. address bar).

Zavio IP Camera iPhone Setup Step 2

3. Type name and password. The default value is admin / admin, then press "Log in" button.

Zavio IP Camera iPhone Setup Step 3

4. The Zavio User Interface and live image will show up in the middle of the screen.

Zavio IP Camera iPhone Setup Step 4

*Note: The iPhone web interface will show continuous snapshots, not real-time video streaming. Therefore, the recording feature is disabled. The streaming JPEG snapshots are refreshed automatically at such a rapid rate that the view looks comparable to real-time video.

Watch a video of this IP camera viewer using the iPhone Safari Web Browser