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Multiple 4K CCTV Cameras Live Video TV Monitor Display System, HDMI
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4K Multi-CCTV Camera TV Display

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The SYS-4K2D is a live 4K CCTV camera TV display system that displays video from multiple cameras on a single monitor. This system includes (2) 4K-D9 dome security cameras, (1) 4 channel HD CCTV video multiplexer, (2) 100 foot pre-made Siamese security camera cables, and a 5 foot HDMI cable. Customers typically supply their own TV monitor because just about any 4K or 1080p resolution HD TV with an HDMI video input will work. This vari-focal bullet cameras included with this system are a favorite among companies than want to monitor a manufacturing process. We also supply a lot of these systems to retail stores.

CCTV Camera Pros now offers this wireless video HDMI kit add-on for this system which avoids running HDMI cable between the multiplexer and display monitor / TV. Please note that the wireless kit only transmits video at 1080p resolution. So, if you want to display 4K resolution on your TV, you need to hard wire the HDMI output of the multiplexer to the TV. Please note that 4K cameras support 15 FPS (frames per second) refresh rate.

Please check out this video demo of the 4ch security camera multiplexer that is included with this system. We also have these 4K UHD images that were captured using this system.

4K Dome Cameras Included

4K-D9 Dome CCTV Camera

Here are the main features of the 4K-D9 dome camera that is included with this system. 2 cameras are included with this system, with the option to upgrade to a 3 or 4 camera system.

  • Resolution: 4K / UHD / 8 Megapixel Video Resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Infrared: 18 Infrared LEDs Provide IR Night Vision up to 20 meters (65 feet)
  • Weatherproof: Yes. IP66 Housing
  • Lens: 3.6mm Fixed / 90 Degree Field of View
  • Lighting: Normal Light / Low Light / Zero Light Capable
  • Style: Dome Turret Style Housing
  • Video Frame Rate: 15 FPS (frames per second)
  • Install: Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • Power: 12V DC Power Supply Included

Pre-Made Siamese Cables Included

security camera cables

This system includes (2) 100ft security camera cables. These cables are pre-made with the BNC connectors pre-attached. You can find our pre-made security camera cable wiring guide here.

RG59 Siamese Cable Spool Upgrade

RG59 Siamese Cable Kit

This RG59 Siamese cable kit is available as a cable upgrade option. Instead of using pre-made cables in 100ft lengths, installers can cut these cables to any custom length for each cable run. The kit includes a 500ft spool of RG59 Siamese cable, BNC connectors, a coax cable stripper tool, and a coax cable crimp tool. You can find out RG59 Siamese cable wiring guide here.

Need different cameras / custom quote?

This video display system is compatible with any of these 4K security cameras. It is also compatible with 1080p, 4mp, and 5mp cameras. All of these HD security cameras are compatible. You can mix and match any camera types and resolutions. All 4 BNC video inputs accept any camera type. These 180 degree lens cameras are best sellers.

CCTV Camera Pros can provide you with a customized system quote. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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4K Live Video Display Demo

CCTV Quad Multiplexer with 4K Security Cameras

The above video demonstrates our multiple 4K CCTV camera display system using dome camera that is included with this system and (3) 4K dome cameras that are installed to monitor the driveway and back yard of the house. The 4K-D9 dome is installed at the front door of the home in the video.

How-to Setup this Display System

How-to Display Multiple 4K CCTV Cameras on HDMI TV Monitor

Setting our 4K multi-camera live video display systems is simple. This is how it works.

  1. The coax portion of the 100ft Siamese security camera cable (blue line above) connects the BNC video output of each camera to a BNC video input of the VM-HD4 quad video multiplexer.
  2. The power cable portion of the Siamese cable is connected to the 12V DC power adapter that is included with the camera. The power adapter plugs into the power source near your TV. Please note that you can use a standard power strip / surge protector if you need more than 2 power supply ports.
  3. The VM-HD4 video multiplexer also includes a 12V DC power supply. That can also be connected to the power outlet near your TV.
  4. The HDMI cable that is included with the system connects the HDMI output of the multiplexer to the HDMI video input of your TV monitor.

4K Multiplexer UHD Images

Check out these 4K UHD (ultra high definition) resolution images that were captured with the VM-HD4 CCTV multiplexer that is included with this live video display system. You can click on any of these images to see the full sized 4K UHD image.

4K Security Cameras Multiplexer

Here is the 4ch quad view of the VM-HD4 with (4) 4K security cameras connected to it. This 4K-D9 dome camera is installed at the front door of this home. The other 3 cameras are the 4K-BL9 bullet 4K security camera that also works with this system. Please note that CCTV Camera Pros can mix and match different camera types for customers and build custom systems.

4K CCTV Cameras Multiplexer

Here is the single camera view of the camera installed at the front door. This is the 4K-D9 dome camera that is included with this system. Please note that the 4K-BL9 and the 4K-D9 (included with this system) are basically the same exact camera, except one is in a dome housing and the other is a bullet housing.

4K CCTV Video Multiplexer

Here is the single camera view of the camera that monitors the back yard of this house. This is the 4K-BL9 bullet.

4K CCTV Video Multiplexer 2 Camera PIP

Here is the two camera picture-in-picture (PIP) view of the front door and back yard cameras.

IR Night Vision

4K Dome IR Security Camera

The 4K-D9 camera that us included with this system has built-in IR night vision that lets the camera capture 4K video surveillance in low light and even complete darkness.

All of the lights were turned off in the room when we captured this image to demonstrate the IR night vision surveillance capability of the 4K-D9. All of the computer monitors and TVs in the room were also turned off so that there is zero light in the room.

Security Camera Video Multiplexer Demo

4ch HD CCTV Multiplexer

Watch this video to see a demonstration of the 4ch security camera video multiplexer that is included with this system. Please note that this video was made with 1080p / 2 megapixel cameras.

How-to Connect to Multiple TV Monitors

HDMI over CAT6 Extender Splitter

If you need to display your security cameras on multiple monitors, please take a look at or HDMI over CAT6 Splitter Extender. In addition to support for up to 4 monitors, you can control the video multiplexer from each monitor location with the wireless remote control. This allows you to change to display between single camera and multiple camera views. Please note that this HDMI splitter / extender system only supports 1080p resolution. So, even if you use 4K security cameras, your TV will be scaled down to 1080p resolution.

Switchable Screen Layouts

The VM-HD4 quad HD CCTV multiplexer included with this system supports many different screen layouts that can be selected using the wireless remote control that is included or using the buttons on the front of the unit. Please note that we also have 8ch, 9ch and 16ch CCTV multiplexers available.

Quad View / 4 Camera Screen View

Please note that these screenshots were taken using 1080p / 2 megapixel security cameras.

AHD HD-TVI Camera Quad Processor

The above image shows 4 HD security cameras using the quad / 4 camera view of the VM-HD4. These are all 1080p resolution cameras.

Alternate 4 Camera View / Quad View

AHD HD-TVI Camera Video Multiplexer

This alternative 4 camera view allows one large camera in the middle with the three small camera views along the right side.

Dual Screen / Split Screen / 2 Camera Screen View

AHD TVI HD CCTV Multiplexer - Dual Screen / 2 Camera View

The above image shows the 2 camera view / side by side.

Horizontal 2 Camera View / Split Screen

AHD Camera Quad Video Processor - 2 Camera Split Screen View

The above image shows the 2 camera split screen view. The camera views are horizontal.

Single Screen / One Camera View

HD-TVI Camera Quad Video Multiplexer - 2 Camera Split Screen View

The above image shows a single camera / full-screen view using a 1080p HD-TVI security camera.

Picture in Picture

HD CCTV Quad Video Processor - Picture-in-Picture View

The above image shows the picture-in-picture (PIP) view.

Enable Live Video Streaming

Security Camera Streaming

Have you considered live streaming your camera system on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or Zoom? Customers can add this HDMI to USB converter box to any of our live security camera display systems to enable online video streaming.

CCTV Camera Multiplexer with Wireless Install Kit

Wireless Security Cameras Multiplexer

This WIFI-HDX8 wireless HDMI transmitter / receiver kit can be added to any of our CCTV camera monitor systems to create a wireless bridge between the CCTV multiplexer and monitor / TV. Instead of connecting the HDMI output of the multiplexer, the HDMI is connected to the input of the wireless HDMI transmitter. The video stream from the security camera is transmitter over a dedicated WIFI bridge to the wireless receiver. The HDMI output of the receiver connects to the HDMI input of the monitor or TV. You can find the additional HDMI cable here. One additional HDMI cable is needed if you add the wireless video kit to your system. Important note: this wireless transmitter system ONLY supports 1080p resolution, so the video display on your TV will be 1080p even if you use 4K security cameras.

Supports Wireless IR Remote Transmission

The optional wireless kit supports IR remote control. This means that users can control their multiplexer from the TV location using the IR remote control that is included with the multiplexer.

Wireless HDMI Kit Option

Wireless HDMI Kit

You can learn more about the WIFI-HDX8 wireless HDMI kit here. You may also want to check out this blog post: "Wireless HDMI Transmitter for Security Camera Live Video Display".

Live Surveillance Video Monitor at Retail Store

HD security camera monitor displayed at retail store entrance

This is an example of a live camera display used at a retail store. This type of installation is very typically used by retail store chains. It creates a theft deterrence and helps customers feel safe knowing that the store uses a video surveillance system.

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