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Wireless Security Camera System, 2 WIFI IP Cameras, 8 channel NVR
Wireless Security Camera System


Wireless Security Camera System

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The following items are included:




Wireless Remote:




This wireless security camera system comes with (2) Viewtron IP-C2 wireless IP cameras, (1) 8 channel Viewtron NVR (network video recorder), (1) 7 foot CAT5 patch cable, and (2) DC power supplies. The Viewtron IP-C2 is a high def network camera IP camera that is capable of recording in 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 / 2 megapixel) at a full 30 frames per second. These cameras have a fixed 2.8mm lens that captures a super wide 116 degree angle of view. This wireless system is an excellent choice for users that have an existing wireless router. The cameras are 802.1x b/g/n compliant so that they will work with almost all wireless routers.

These systems can be expanded to up to 8 cameras, as the included NVR is an 8 channel. There are also 16 channel, 32 channel and 64 channel NVR upgrades available. You can find all of our Viewtron IP camera NVRs here. You can view your security cameras remotely with this system.

Please note that CCTV Camera Pros can supply wireless systems with any number of cameras, please request a quote and free consultation here.

*PLEASE NOTE that "Wireless" refers to the video signal transmission of the cameras ONLY. The cameras must be connected to a power source (power supplies are included).

Wireless Cameras System includes:

System Options

  • (2) 100 Foot Pre-Made CAT5 Cables. The IP-C2 cameras that are included with this system can work over WIFI or PoE. Many customers use these cameras hard wired to the PoE inputs on the NVR.
  • Wireless Router / Wireless Access Point. Some customers use their existing wireless router or access point with this system. Other customers purchase our optional WIFI-AP3500 as a dedicated wireless access point for their cameras.

Wireless Security Camera System with Remote Viewing

This wireless camera system includes the best remote viewing mobile apps and desktop software available, and there are never any monthly fees.

iOS Compatible Security DVR
iPhone App
Android Compatible Security DVR
Android App
Mac Compatible Security DVR
Mac Software
Mac Compatible Security DVR
Windows Software

IP Camera NVR

Viewtron VT-NVR-8 Features:

  • Type: Stand Alone Embedded Linux Operating System
  • Video Input: 8 RJ-45 Network Connection Inputs with PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Power over Ethernet: 8ch RJ-45, 802.3af, Output Power ≤ 150W
  • Supported IP Cameras: Viewtron, All ONVIF Compatible IP Camera Brands
  • Supported Camera Resolutions: 720p / 1mp, 1080p / 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp, 6mp, 8mp / 4K
  • Audio Surveillance Support: Yes. 8ch IP Camera Audio
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes. 1 RCA Output for Speakers. 1 RCA Input for Microphone
  • Recording Resolution: 720p / 1mp, 1080p / 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp, 6mp, 8mp / 4K, 30FPS per Channel
  • Recording Modes: Manual, Continuous, Schedule, Motion Detection, Alarm, Smart Events
  • AI Functions: Face Detection, Face Database Match, LPR / License Plate Recognition. Note: All AI functions require Viewtron AI cameras.
  • Video Compression / Codec: H.264, H.265
  • Monitor Outputs: HDMI, VGA
  • HDMI Display: 4K Resolution, 3840 x 2160
  • VGA Display: 1080p Resolution, 1920 x 1080
  • Alarm Ports: 8 Inputs, 4 Outputs, Also Supports IP Camera Alarm Input
  • Alarm Notification: Email, Push Notification to Mobile Apps, Desktop Software
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android
  • VMS Software: Video Management Software for Mac and Windows PCs
  • PTZ Camera Support: UTC (Up the Coax) Support to Control PTZ Over RG59 Video Cable
  • Cash Register / POS Integration: Yes. Text Overlay. Cash Registers Supported
  • Max Storage: 1 Hard Drive Bay, up tp 12TB
  • Installed Storage: 1TB Hard Drive Included
  • NVR Controls: USB Mouse Included. Wireless IR Remote Control Optional Add-On
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty Direct from CCTV Camera Pros
  • Tech Support: Lifetime Technical Support Direct from CCTV Camera Pros
  • Detailed Specification: Download the product specification PDF file.

Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE IP Camera NVR

Viewtron NVRs have built-in PoE ports that allow you to plug PoE IP cameras directly into the Ethernet ports. The NVR provides power to the cameras over these PoE ports, and the cameras automatically connect to the NVR software. This makes installation extremely easy for DIY and professional installers. We highly recommend Viewtron IP cameras with PoE for use with these NVRs.

Here is some additional information about the ports on the back of the NVR (starting from left to right).

  • The power supply adapter that is included with the NVR plugs into this port. (labeled in purple)
  • To the right of the PoE ports, there is a LAN port. If you plan on connecting your NVR to a network and / or the Internet, you will use this port to connect to your router or switch with Ethernet cable (CAT5 or CAT6).
  • Viewtron NVRs have HDMI and VGA monitor outputs. Both of these monitor outputs can be used at the same time (dual monitor support).
  • The USB port can be used for the mouse that is included or to connect a USB drive for video backup / export.
  • There is one audio input port for an audio surveillance microphone. There is one audio output to connect external speakers.
  • Burglar alarm sensors can be integrated into these NVRs using the alarm input / alarm output ports.

Simple User Interface

Hybrid 4K Security Camera DVR

Watch this video to see how easy it is to watch live video and playback recorded video surveillance footage on Viewtron NVRs and hybrid DVRs. This video was captured using a Viewtron hybrid DVR, however, the user interface, menu system, and navigation is identical on Viewtron NVRs. Camera 1 in the video is a 4K dome IP camera.

Wireless Network IP Camera

IP-C2 Wireless IP Camera Features

  • Video Output: Network IP / RJ-45 Network Connection, ONVIF Protocol Compliant
  • Video Format: H.264, H.265, MJPEG
  • WIFI Support: Yes. Built-in Wireless
  • Motion Detection: Yes. Built-in PIR Motion Detector / Sensor
  • Supported Resolutions: 1080p / 2mp (1920 x 1080), 720p ( 1280 × 720 ), D1, CIF, 480 × 240
  • Video Frame Rate: 30 FPS at 1080p Resolution
  • Image Sensor: 1 / 2.7 "CMOS
  • Infrared: Yes. Built-in IR Night Vision. Up to 30 Meter / 90 Feet
  • Weatherproof: No. Indoor Installation Only
  • Lens: Fixed 2.8mm Fixed Lens / 116.6 Degree Field of View
  • Audio: Built-in Mic, Built-in Speaker, 2-way audio support
  • Style: Cube Style Housing
  • Installation: Desktop, Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • Remote Viewing: Yes. iPhone App, Android App, Mac Software, Windows Software Included
  • Power: PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 12V DC Power Supply
  • SD Card Slot: Yes. Built-in micro SD card slot supports up to 128GB micro SD card
  • Image Control: Digital Wide Dynamic Range Function, 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)

Camera Dimensions

Wireless IP Camera Dimensions

The above image shows the dimensions of the IP-C2 in millimeters. For reference 63.1mm = 2.48 inches. 108.5mm = 4.27 inches, 71.1mm = 2.8 inches, 30.1mm = 1.19 inches, 130mm = 5.1 inches.

Product Specification

security camera specification

Download the complete IP-C2 product specification here.


The IP-C2 can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or sit flat on a desktop / shelf.

Ceiling Installation

Wireless IP Camera Installation

The below surveillance snapshots and video was captured with the IP-C2 installed at our demo ceiling mount location on our tech room. You will notice that the camera is installed upside-down. This is normal for the ceiling installation of this camera and is easily adjusted using the image flip function built into this camera.

Desktop Installation

Wireless Security Camera

When the IP-C2 is used as a wireless security camera, desktop installation is very common. Once the wireless connection is configured, you can simply plug the camera into any power outlet and as long as it is within range of the wireless access point, it will automatically connect.

Infrared Video Surveillance Demo

Wireless IP Security Camera

Watch this video surveillance demo to see the daytime and night-time IR night vision capability of the IP-C2 wireless IP security camera.

Surveillance Photos

Wireless IP Camera 1080p

This surveillance snapshot was captured with the IP-C2 ceiling mounted in CCTV Camera Pros tech room. The IP-C2 was connected to a Viewtron NVR. Please take note of the ultra wide angle of view this camera provides. This room is 13 feet wide by 21 feet long.

IR Night Vision

Wireless IP Camera Infrared

Here is a snapshot captured with all of the lights off in the room, so that the camera's built-in night vision is engaged. You can see that the infrared capability of this camera is sufficient to illuminate this entire room and you can clearly see Mike's face. This room is 13 feet wide by 21 feet long.

iPhone App Remote Camera View

View Wireless IP Camera from iPhone App

View Infrared Wireless IP Camera from iPhone App

This is what the remote IP camera view looks like using the iPhone app that is included - normal and IR night vision modes. The iPhone app can connect directly to Viewtron IP cameras or to the DVR / NVR they are connected to. You can learn more about the Viewtron IP camera app for iPhone here.

Android Mobile App Remote Camera View

View Wireless IP Camera from Android App

View Infrared Wireless IP Camera from Android App

This is what the remote IP camera view looks like using the Android app that is included. The Android app can connect directly to Viewtron IP cameras or to the DVR / NVR they are connected to. You can learn more about how to view your IP cameras on Android with the Viewtron app here.

Optional Wireless Router / Access Point Add-On

Wireless Router / Access Point

For customers that do not already have a wireless router, we offer the WIFI-AP3500 wireless access point. This unit can be programmed as a wireless router, repeater, access point (receiver) or client bridge (transmitter). The wireless signal from the WIFI-AP3500 is stronger than the average Linksys or D-Link wireless router and will increase the range and reliability of your wireless connectivity. This gives our customers peace of mind that their wireless security cameras will have strong, uninterrupted video signal to the recording unit.

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