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Business Security Camera

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IR Security Camera

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Product Code: BIPRO-9004

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The BIPRO-9004 is a 4-in-1 home & business security camera that supports analog CCTV, AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI video modes. The analog CCTV mode (CVBS) supports the 960H resolution (960 x 480). AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI video modes support 2 megapixel / 1080p HD resolution. This is a convenient feature that makes this camera compatible with almost any BNC DVR. It also lets users upgrade to an HD DVR from analog and use the same camera. Installers can easily select the video mode using the OSD joystick.

The built-on infrared LEDs provides high quality black and white surveillance in the dark with IR illumination from 30-50 meters in night mode. You can watch demo video surveillance footage and see sample surveillance images captured with the BIPRO-9004 here. This CCTV camera is weatherproof and can be used for indoor or outdoor home, government, and business security camera applications. The 2.8mm lens captures a 105-degree field of view. This camera has a cable through body mounting bracket which means that the video and power cable of the camera is completely sealed and vandal resistant. This camera includes a single DC power supply.

This camera is typically connected to a CCTV DVR to record video surveillance. However, if you would like to connect this security camera to a TV instead of recording, please refer to this BNC to HDMI converter add-on. You can select it from the options drop-down above.

BIPRO-9004 Features

IR Camera Specification

IR Camera Specification
IR Camera Specification

Camera Dimensions

IP Bullet Camera Dimensions

The above image shows the dimensions of the BIPRO-9004 in millimeters. For reference 217.7mm = 8.57 inches. 80.5mm = 3.17 inches.

IP67 Rated Camera

IP67 Security Camera

This is an IP67 security camera. It's weatherproof housing provides 100% protection from dust and water intrusion. This camera can safely be installed outdoors in areas that have a heavy rain, high humidity, and get very wet. They can also be installed in cold climates and along ocean coasts where there is salt water in the air.

The camera housing is made with high quality, corrosion-proof alloy aluminum. Stainless steel mounting screws are included for installation. CCTV Camera Pros highly recommends IP67 security cameras for outdoor installations. You can learn more about IP67 cameras here.

Outdoor Junction Box Mount

Gray Security Camera Junction Box

The VT-J301G security camera junction box is an optional installation mount for this camera. There is a bottom and side cable inlet and the cable leads from your camera can neatly be concealed inside this weatherproof enclosure. When the bottom inlet is used, the inlet plug can be moved to the size inlet. This junction box can be used for ceiling or wall mount installations.

Easy Installation / Angle Adjustment

Bullet Security Camera Installation

Watch this video to see how easy installation is with the camera's tri-axis ball and socket joint style mount. Simply loosen the set ring at the base of the camera to point the camera lens in any direction. When you are done adjusting the angle, tighten the set ring. The camera is very sturdy and the set position will not move.

White Housing Available

IR Bullet CCTV Camera

The BIPRO-9004 is also available in a white color housing. You can find this product here: HD-Q7 bullet IR CCTV camera.

Hybrid BNC Video Mode Selector

Hybrid BNC Security Camera

This is a hybrid BNC security camera which means that it supports multiple video formats. Installers can easily select the video mode using the small button that is attached to the camera's video cable. Simply press and hold the the button for 5 seconds to switch to the next video mode. Repeat until you reach the video mode that you require.

Video Samples

1080p BNC Security Camera

Watch this video to see some demo video surveillance footage recorded using the HD-Q7, which is the white version of the BIPRO-9004. Please note that the HD-Q7 (white) and BIPRO-9004 (gray) are indentical cameras except the color of the weahterpoof housing.

Surveillance Images

The following images were captured using a BIPRO-9004 in 1080p HD-TVI video mode. The camera was connected to a hybrid security camera DVR using RG59 coax cable.

BIPRO-9004 HD Security Camera Surveillance Image

This image was captured in CCTV Camera Pros tech room with all of the lights on in the room. The camera is mounted in the corner of the room close to the ceiling. You can see how the 3.6mm lens provides a view of this entire room.

Zero Light Infrared Surveillance

BIPRO-9004 HD Security Camera Infrared Surveillance Image

All of the lights were turned off in the room when we captured this image. All of the computer monitors and TVs in the room were also turned off so that there is zero light in the room.

Remote Camera View via Mobile Apps

iPhone App View

In our testing, we connected our BIPRO-9004 to an HD security camera DVR. In addition to providing a recording platform, the iDVR-PRO lets users log in from remotely over the Internet to view the camera live. The below images were captured while viewing the camera while using the iDVR-PRO Viewer app for iPhone.

HD Security Camera iPhone App Remote View

Here is a color daytime view from the iDVR-PRO iPhone app.

HD Security Camera Infrared Night Vision View from iPhone App

This is the night time infrared / night vision mode from the iPhone App.

Android Mobile App Viewing

These images were captured while using the remote camera viewer mobile app for Android. The camera is still connected to the DVR at our office and we are accessing the DVR using WIFI on our demo network. This works the same as viewing the camera from remotely over the Internet.

HD Security Camera Remote View from Android Mobile App

This is the remote view from the via the mobile app for Android.

HD Security Camera Remote View from Android Mobile App - Camera in Infrared Night Vision Mode

This is the remote view from the Android app with the camera in infrared night vision mode.

When to Use:

The BIPRO-9004 is a great choice for both home and business surveillance. It's one of our most affordable cameras with many versatile features that accommodate indoor/outdoor and day/night use. The built-in LED's illuminate a distance of 30-50 meters. The field of view is 105 degrees. For an explanation of these common terms please refer to our Surveillance System & CCTV Glossary

Smart IR

This camera uses built-in smart IR technology which allows the camera to automatically adjust the intensity of the infrared illumination provided by the built-in IR LEDs based on the distance objects are located from the camera. Click to learn more about smart IR.

Smart IR

What is LUX rating?

The amount of light is defined by LUX (lumens per square meter) one LUX is the amount of light cast by one candle at one meters space. Here are some examples of common light sources expressed in LUX

LUX rating examples :

  • Full sunshine 10,000 LUX
  • Well- lit office 500 LUX
  • Comfortable reading 300 LUX
  • Cloudy 100 LUX
  • Twilight 10 LUX
  • Dusk 1 LUX
  • Full moon .1 LUX
  • Quarter moon .01 LUX
  • Complete darkness 0 LUX

Some high-quality Sony CCDs can have a good picture down to .1 LUX. Anything lower and they will require infra-red LED's to see in the dark. These are called night vision or IR (infrared) cameras. Most camera specs will list the number of LED's (which people tend to use to compare low light performance). In actuality, the type of LED is more important than the number of LEDs. Some LED's produce 10 times more light than others. Still, others are made so the naked eye cannot see the light being emitted from them, making these better for covert use. Comparing the number of feet the camera illuminates and how wide the light spreads is the best method to compare IR cameras.

BNC to HDMI Converter

BNC to HDMI Converter

An optional BNC to HDMI converter can be ordered with this camera. The converter allows you to connect your security camera to a TV via the HDMI input of your TV. In addition to the BNC video input on the converter, there is also a BNC loop output so that you can connect the camera to a security camera DVR in addition to a TV / monitor. The BNC loop output is optional to use.

This device can be used solely as a way to connect your security camera to a TV for a live view only or you can also use the BNC output to also connect the camera's video to a second device, such as a DVR for recording video surveillance footage. You can see this in the above installation diagram.

Compatible with Viewtron 4K CCTV DVRs

This camera works great with Viewtron security camera DVRs. Viewtron 4K CCTV DVRs are hybrid. They support analog CCTV cameras, HD BNC cameras, and network IP cameras up to 4K resolution.

iOS Compatible Security DVR
iPhone App
Android Compatible Security DVR
Android App
Mac Compatible Security DVR
Mac Software
Mac Compatible Security DVR
Windows Software

Hybrid Security Camera DVR

Custom Systems Designs & Quotes

security camera system quote

CCTV Camera Pros designs custom video surveillance systems for customers and can provide a free quotes via email. In addition, you can schedule a free telephone consultation with a Pro.

We realize that requirements can vary and some customers need to mix and match various model cameras. Some customers have questions and prefer to speak with a professional designer on the phone. You can request a free telephone consultation here. You can request a free custom quote here. You can also just email us directly instead of filling out a form here.

NDAA Compliant Security Camera

This camera is NDAA compliant. That means that it is not manufactured by any of the manufacturers on the NDAA (the National Defense Authorization Act) list of banned manufacturers. This camera does not use any materials from banned manufactures either. This camera may safely be purchased for government use.

5 Star Rated Customer Service

CCTV Camera Pros Reviews / BBB Rating

CCTV Camera Pros is proud to have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau and an average of 5 star reviews at Reseller Ratings. We were able to achieve this through the outstanding technical support and customer service that our team provides to our customers.

Average Customer Review: Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 3 Write a review.

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Excellent service and outstanding communication. March 16, 2022
Reviewer: Tom M from Vancouver, WA  
I ordered a camera to replace one and the camera was sent fast and communication is outstanding. Mike has checked back with me twice to insure I was satisfied, and I AM SATISFIED. I would not hesitate to order from him again. Thanks.

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great Service December 18, 2021
Reviewer: MikeH from Omak, WA  
My 20+ year old Camera DVR's programing failed on 6/1/2021 i could watch and access my cameras but zero recording ability. I contacted my local security company and got no return response so i called a company 100 miles away, they came right out and after mapping my building and lot gave me an estimate to upgrade all cameras (16) and add 6 more $60000.00 installed, way out of budget so i began an internet search to just replace the DVR and stumbled across CCTV Camera Pros, i emailed them on a Friday night with what I had and an hour latter received a reply recommending a replacement DVR that would still run on my old BNC RG59 cable. after a few more questions i ordered a new Viewtron 16 channel DVR it came about a week later due to a FedEx problem. i replaced my old unit on Thanksgiving day took about an 1/2 hour to swap out the wires. fired the unit up and it asked for a password i googled the default that would not work so contacted CCTV Pros and got a reply on thanksgiving day . (a few days latter i realized the Password had been taped to the front of the DVR my bad).
also ordered 1 replacement camera to see how much better 1080p was over 480p ALOT. so will slowly start replacing my old cameras in the future. i am about $59000 to the good and am very happy with the customer service and recommendations.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Works Great in Low Light! December 7, 2016
Reviewer: Jerry F. from New Mexico  
My business uses one of these cameras to monitor an exterior back door. The back is very dimly lit at night. The infrared of this camera allows the door and surrounding area to be watched at night almost as clear as during mid day. I would buy it again.

Was this review helpful to you?

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