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Geovision Video CD / DVD Backup

Geovision DVR Card Geovision surveillance systems can backup video to writable CD and DVDs. The video backup process also allows you to include the video log viewer software on the CD/DVD so that you can view the videos on any Windows Vista or XP computer without installing any Geovision software. Please follow the below instructions to backup video to a CD or DVD from your Geovision system. Please notes that these instructions were documented using Geovision 8.12, Geovision software 8.2 is very similar but slightly different. Also, these instructions cover how to backup video by selecting specific motion detected or recording events. If you are trying to backup a specific timeframe of video that you already know, you should follow these instructions.

Geovision Backup Video Events

  1. Start your Geovision system.
  2. From the System Menu on your Geovision DVR, select the view log button (#4 below).

    Geovision Menu

  3. Select Video/Audio Log from the menu.
  4. Push the Log Finder button (1 below) to open the Video Events, then select the events that you want to backup by holding down the Ctrl key and left mouse clicking on each event (2 below).

  5. Right-click on the highlighted events and select Backup.

  6. This will open the Select Backup Time screen with the timeframes for the events you selected on the previous screen. Press OK.

    Geovision Backup
  7. This will bring you to the Backup screen. Select CD Using OS-Burning unless you have other CD/DVD Burning software that you would like to use. Check Include Viewlog Player of you want to also burn the Geovision player to the CD so it will work on any Windows PC without installing Geovision. Press OK.
  8. A copying progress screen will open, then you will be prompt to insert a blank CD into the CD/DVD drive.
    Insert your CD or DVD and press Next. Create a Disc Title and press Next again.
  9. Windows will begin to write your backup to the CD or DVD.

    The CD or DVD that was created can be used to replay the surveillance video that was backed up on any Windows PC.