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Geovision Surveillance DVR Remote Access DM MultiView

iDVR Pro Surveillance DVR

The Geovision Surveillance DVR's are accessible remotely on a Windows PC using the DM MultiView client software.
Users are able to view the live video as well as remotely playback recorded footage.
In addition to those features, users are also able to control their PTZ cameras remotely from the DM MultiView client software.

Remote Access DM MultiView

The instructions below explain how to view the Geovision DVR remotely using the DM MultiView client software.

1. Make sure the correct ports are forwarded in the router attached to the Geovision Surveillance DVR. If you have not done this, please visit our Geovision Network Setup / Port Forwarding article.

2. Now download the DM-Multiview software here: DM-MultiView

3. After downloading, extract the zip file, then run Setup.exe to begin setup. Then follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing DM-Multiview.

4. Once installed, go ahead and launch the program by double-clicking the desktop icon
(Shown Below)
. If you don't have the icon on your desktop, go to Start, All Programs and then DMMultiView.

5. You will now see the menu below. Click the Edit button to add your Geovision Surveillance DVR. Then on the menu below and to the right, you will enter the Remote IP Address of your DVR. Then hit OK. The ports will already be input for you. Note: You will have to forward port 6550 if you would like to use audio on DM-MultiView.

6. Now you will be directed back to the Main Menu. Go ahead and enter the Username and Password of your Geovision Surveillance DVR and click OK. (Shown Below)

7. You should now be connected remotely to your Geovision Surveillance DVR. (Shown Below)