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Geovision Surveillance DVR Password Reset Instructions

iDVR Pro Surveillance DVR

The Geovision Surveillance DVR's password is resettable in the event the user forgets it. There are two ways of resetting the password. If the user enabled the password removal feature when the Geovision software was installed, they could simply run the password reset program. If the user did not enable password removal, please contact CCTV Camera Pros for further assistance.

Password Reset Instructions

The instructions below explain how to reset the password on a PC based Geovision Surveillance DVR.

If the user enabled the "Password Removal Utility", please follow the instructions below to reset the password.

1. Close all Geovision applications completely.

2. Now press the Start button and navigate to My Computer or Computer. (Shown Below)


3. Once in My Computer or Computer, locate the hard drive where Geovision was installed. (The default location is C: Drive)

4. Click on the GV Combo folder. (Note: The name of the folder may vary based on which Geovision DVR card you are using)

5. Now locate and run PassUninstall.exe. (Shown Below)

6. When prompted to remove the password, click Yes. (Shown Below)

7. When finished, press OK. (Shown Below)

8. Now run the Geovision Multicam software, you should be prompted to enter a new ID and Password. Go ahead and enter your new ID and Password. Check Allow Removing Password System in case you forget it again in the future. (Shown Below)

9. Click OK to save the settings.

If the user did not enable Allow Removing Password System when the software was originally installed, the message below will appear in Step 6. In the event that this happens, please contact CCTV Camera Pros for further assistance.