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Geovision - How to setup remote Internet viewing

Geovision Remote ViewGeovision DVR cards come with three software applications that support remote viewing from computers where the Geovision card is not installed. All three programs come on the software CD that comes in the Geovision box. These software applications are:

The Geovision Remote View System is used to monitor live surveillance video from the main Geovision system through an Internet connection. The Remote View application is limited to only one login at a time, so multiple PCs and locations cannot connect simultaneously. The Remote View software gets installed on the client computer that will be viewed remotely.

Click here for Geovision Remote View system Setup Instructions. You can also refer to Chapter 8, Page 221 of the Geovision manual.

The Geovision WebCam Server comes with the Geovision software. The WebCam Server is an HTTP server that can be used to configure Geovision for remote access so that live video can be viewed from a web browser (Internet Explorer). Up to 200 remote clients can access a single Geovision DVR. This is limited also of course by the Internet connection speed that you have at your Geovision computer. A DSL or cable connection obviously cannot support 200 concurrent connections.

Click here for Geovision webcam server setup instructions. You can also refer to Chapter 6 in the Geovision Manual.

The Geovision IP Multicast System can be used to monitor several Geovision systems with a local area network (LAN). IP Multicast allows up to ten connections at a time. The IP Multicast application gets installed on the client computer that will be viewed remotely. To set up the IP Multicast System, please follow the instructions in Chapter 8, Page 230 of the Geovision manual.

The Geovision Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is used to allow an operator to view and manage several Geovision systems from one central interface. The basic idea of the CMS is to view live video and receive video evidence when any alerts from a system are sent. There are two versions of the CMS. A standard version comes with the Geovision software CD. The standard central monitoring station can monitor up to five systems and eighty channels (security cameras). The professional version can monitor up to 500 systems and 800 channels. To set up the Central Monitoring Station, please follow the instructions in Chapter 9, Page 232 of the Geovision manual.

Using Dynamic DNS Service

If the Geovision computer that you will be connecting to has a dynamic IP address, which is most typical for cable and DSL modems, the Geovision Dynamic DNS Service should be installed on the Geovision computer. Please follow the instruction on
Chapter 11, Page 277 of the Geovision manual.
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