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Geovision Can't Find KeyPro Error

Geovision DVR CardCan't find keypro is a pretty common error reported by Geovision users. This error seems to show up when there is either a problem with the Geovision driver installation or when there is a problem with the Geovision DVR card itself. CCTV Camera Pros has seen this problem sometimes when shipping a Geovision system and the card becomes unseated from the PCI slot in shipping.

How to troubleshoot Geovision can't find key pro error

  1. Shut down your Geovision PC.
  2. Open up the PC case and make sure the card is seated firmly in the PCI or PCI express slot that it is installed in.
  3. Reboot the PC and Geovision and see if this solves the problem. If it does not, proceed to step 4.
  4. Make sure the Geovision software is not running and insert your Geovision CD / DVD.
  5. Run setup.exe if it does not launch automatically.
  6. From the main screen select the first option which is "Install or Remove Geovision GV-Series Driver".
  7. Select Install or Remove Geovision GV-Series Driver again.
  8. Select remove driver
  9. After that completes try to install the driver
  10. Exit the installation and reboot the PC
  11. Start Geovision and see if the can't find keypro error goes away.
  12. If this does not work Geovision recommends uninstalling the driver and putting the Geovision card into another PCI slot.
If none of these things help, your Geovision card may be defective. You should contact CCTV Camera Pros if you purchased your card from us.