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Geovision Motion Detection and Alarm Alerts via Skype

Geovision Main Console

The Geovision Surveillance DVRs are capable of sending real-time message alerts via Skype to iPhone, Android, and any other mobile phone that can run Skype. In addition to desktop Skype clients on Windows and Mac computers can also receive alerts when an alarm event occurs or motion is detected in one of the cameras monitored by the Geovision surveillance DVR. The instructions below will walk through all the necessary steps to setup and enable motion detection notification via Skype within your Geovision Main Console surveillance software that is included with all Geovision DVR cards and network IP cameras.

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Geovision Main Console Skype Alert Setup

1. You will need two Skype accounts for the video notifications to work. Create a specific Skype account just for your DVR system and then add your normal Skype account (the one that will be notified) to its contact list.

2. Ensure that the Geovision Main Console is already installed and functioning on your PC before attempting these instructions. Please note that the Skype video utility is compatible with Geovision main software version 8.5.5 and above. On the main GV- installation disc, click the Install Geovision V8.5.5.0 System tab. (Shown Below)

2. Agree to the license agreement prompt and then select Geovision Skype Video Utility. (Shown Below)

3. Follow the prompts for standard installation. (Shown Below) Please Note: Skype must be installed prior to installing the Skype Video Utility. The Geovision PC must have it's own Skype account and the Skype user that you wish to have contacted must already be added as a Contact.

4. Assuming Skype is running and the user is logged in, click the GV-Skype Video Utility icon on your desktop. (Shown Below)

5. Go to your Skype window and be sure to "Allow Access" to the Geovision Utility. (Shown Below)

6. Next, you must configure the Geovision Skype Utility from the Desktop Tray in the lower right portion of your screen. (Shown Below)

7. Right-click on the icon and select the Settings option. (Shown Below)

8. On the main window that appears, select the Enable option under Add To Startup. Then select Camera to the left. (Shown Below)

9. Under the Camera tab, check the Enable option. Then under Push Video to Skype User, select the user that you wish to send the video alert to. (Shown Below) Once completed, click OK. The Skype alerts should now be working.