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Geovision Hotline Alert Modem Support

Geovision camera systems can send phone message alerts when motion is detection triggers an alert. It has been reported that only certain modems will work with this feature. Below is a list of modems that have been reported as being compatible with the hotline alert functions of Geovision.

Unfortunately, CCTV Camera Pros cannot guarantee that these modems do in fact work. CCTV Camera Pros asked Geovision for a specific list of manufacturers and model numbers and the official response from Geovision's engineers was as follows:

"Since the broadband is quite popular in our country, the modem is not the first option in our PC hardware market anymore, we're afraid that we might not be able to confirm the compatibility about your modem on the list. According to the customer feedback, the following models were also reported working well with the GeoVision system."

Hotline Alert Compatible Modem List

  • Smartlink modems by (
  • ZyXel Omni 56k Modem
  • LEMEL MD-56k Modem
  • APOLLO External Fax Modem 56k
  • 56k Lucent External Modem (Computer Associates)
  • Aztech 56k External Modem
  • DSI (Digicon systems) DI3635-1 with Creative Modem
  • DSI (Digicon systems) DI5655 with Creative Modem
  • Pine Group FM-3711 Modem
  • Rockwell 6793 PCI Modem
  • Triplex Spade2 Dual Mode modem card (PCI card)