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Surveillance Systems for Home Owners Associations

One of the most popular types of communities in the United States is the gated homeowners assocation community, also known as an HOA. This is where people can live in peace because their entire community is surrounded by a wall, with a gate at the front entrance and also sometimes as rear gated entrance as well. Some have security guards at the front of these communities, while others do not.
These areas are not perfect and sometimes there is a need for home owner associations to invest in surveillance systems to ensure that everyone is kept safe while they live in their gated community. To accomplish this, home owner associations will implement several measure including security cameras, DVRs and even remote viewing.
The club house of the gated community is where you will find most of the tools and items that are needed to keep the community looking great. These range from riding lawnmowers to simple items like tools.  However, because they are a depository of tools and high-cost items, they can often become the victim of theft, even from people in the community.
To prevent this from happening, it is important to have security surveillance systems in place.

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Through putting security cameras in clubhouses, you are able to monitor and prevent theft in the community clubhouse. These can either be security cameras that people know about, or security cameras that are hidden.  Either way, they accomplish the same task of preventing theft, and ensuring those who are to blame are caught after stealing from the clubhouse.  For the relatively low-cost of security cameras, and a surveillance DVR, a home owner association can literally save thousands of dollars on stolen items from their clubhouse. For many, this is a price they are willing to bear in order to give their residents some peace of mind and safety.
As most people know gated communities often have security guards out front to keep those who do not belong in the community, out of the community. However, security guards cost home owner associations a lot of money. Through the cost of having to pay their hourly salary, along with the cost of insurance, benefits and more, it can be unfeasible for many home owner associations to have this. As a result, many are not as safe as they could be. Thankfully, with the use of surveillance systems, home owner associations can get that security, but without the need for high-priced security guards.

By setting up security cameras, DVRs and remote viewing capabilities in the surveillance system, home owner associations get a ‘virtual security guard’. With the security cameras, those who want to try and sneak into the community will be prevented the ability to do so because of the ‘eye in the sky’. As well, through remote viewing, the members of the gated community can keep an eye on the front in their spare time, turning the entire community into a ‘remote viewing neighborhood watch’. This is worth its weight in gold because it gets the community together for a common goal and it helps keep everyone safe, without the costs of a security guard.
Why skimp on security just because you can’t afford a security guard? Pay the costs for a security surveillance system and keep everyone safe and happy.
Most gated communities will also have recreation areas that people like to hang out at. However, at night, this can also be where some people hang out with trouble on their mind. This does not even have to be an outsider coming into the gate community. It can even be someone who lives there. Teenagers, those in the drug trade, all can live in a gated community.  Where these people often congregate is communal areas like basketball courts and tennis courts. When they get together in one area, trouble can happen, from fights to petty vandalism.

Surveillance DVRsWhile the gated community can pay the cost of having a security guard wandering around, it makes much more sense to have a security surveillance system set up to ensure that there is constant vigilance, without the need for someone being there. The cameras will be able to watch over the recreation areas, and the DVRs will give home owner associations the ability to watch what happened the night before in case of vandalism. It really is an all-encompassing security system that gated communities must have.

Of course, some will say that gated communities are safe enough, but these are just a few news stories from the past few weeks concerning gated communities:

Las Vegas, Nevada “Monday night, violent mayhem rocked an exclusive gated community in Henderson, Nevada. It started when police say two men broke into a home to rob its residents …one of the robbers shot the husband…there is a good chance the suspects got in by jumping over the security wall”

Port St. Lucie, Florida “Police are looking for two groups of ‘traveling criminals’ making their way through Florida’s east coast… The burglaries within the city all happened this month and took place in gated communities…”

Both of those news stories happened in the past couple weeks. As we can see, the gated community is a safe place, but it is only as safe as what the home owner association makes it. People can jump walls, people can get in and when they do you want to make sure you have the right surveillance equipment to ensure that they are caught and sent to jail. There are few better deterrents than security surveillance systems, so give them a try with your own home owner association’s gated community.