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Day Care Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

There are few things as important to us as our children. As a result, we take their safety and security very seriously. This is especially true when we leave our children in the care of others. We want to make sure that they are safe and secure when at school, day care, or elsewhere. Day care and after school activity centers are beginning to understand this. Parents want to know that their children are safe so more and more daycares are adding security cameras to their facilities as a result. Installing a security camera system in a daycare center gives the parents a sense of security that their children are not only being watched by a qualified facility but that the entire environment of the daycare is being monitored using video surveillance.

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Security Cameras

Day cares are supposed to be fun and positive atmospheres. To keep it that way, security cameras are being installed at day cares to ensure complete safety for the children. With security cameras and a surveillance DVR recorder, the day care owners are able to monitor the children and know if anything is amiss. We aren’t just talking about abduction, which is a fear for any parent, but we are also talking about children wandering off, or getting injured. With someone actively monitoring the cameras they can see a child in danger and be able to respond quickly. They can also alert day care staff about the child wandering off and have someone get the child before it is too late. Also, with video surveillance also being recorded,old footage can be reviewed at any time to review past events that took place. Security cameras are used to keep us safe in stores and out in the street, so why are they not used to keep our children safe in day care? Luckily, more and more day cares are adding security cameras to their facilities for this very reason. With so many dangers in the world, keeping an eye on the children through security cameras is becoming more and more important with every single passing day.

Remote Surveillance to Monitor Children at Daycare

Easily one of the most important advances in surveillance systems is the advent of remote DVR viewer technology that allows people to view / monitor live video camera feeds from outside of the day care facility using a network or Internet connection. For day cares, and the parents who take their kids to the day care, this is incredibly important. Some day care centers are using CCTV cameras to allow parents to log in remotely to check on their children. Allowing parents to login remotely using a DVR viewer application allows the day care to offer this special service to parents which they will certainly appreciate. It gives parents the peace of mind they need to know that their children are safe, and when they are having a tough day at work, nothing is better than looking at your child playing with his or her friends and knowing that they are safe.

Remote Surveillance Provides Security

Remote surveillance systems also allow owners and managers to monitor activities at a day care, and ensure employee safety. It can be a cruel world, and sometimes abductions, and even robberies occur at day cares, so it is essential to keep not only the children, but employees safe. Day cares usually close around 7 p.m., and for the employees who have to walk out of the building, it can be a stressful time if they are dealing with a bad neighborhood. Thankfully, with surveillance system in place, they know that criminals are being deterred and if something does happen, someone will be calling the police within seconds if the system is being monitored live. Remote viewing technology means that parents and owners can be the eyes in the sky at a daycare, and daycare workers can take comfort knowing that if something does happen, that they will be protected and watched over.

Recent Child Day Care Events in the News

Here are just a few examples from the news that detail the danger that employees, and buildings, are under at daycares. This emphasizes the importance of CCTV cameras and remote viewing DVRs for the facilities.

  • Tampa Bay, March 28, 2008 – Although she was robbed and knocked unconscious at her home day care center on Monday, Flilda Rivera said she feels empathy for the man who attacked her. Rivera, 64, had taken children in her care out to play in the backyard of her home in the 1000 block of East Robson Street on Monday morning when a man jumped the fence and demanded money, police said. She gave the man $50 from a jar. The assailant snatched off her watch then punched her in the head, police said. The three children in her care ran out into the street when Rivera was knocked unconscious, police said. A neighbor corralled the children, who were about 2 to 4 years old, and called for help. None of the children were injured.
  • Norfolk, England – March 27, 2008 - Managers of a children's day care centre were last night counting the cost of a second arson attack. Offenders got into the toy-shed at the Fakenham centre, on part of the cricket ground off Field Lane, and set fire to items inside. It is the second deliberate blaze at the centre in the past 18 months and the third incident to hit the complex which caters for 62 children every day and offers child care for 150 local families.

Daycare surveillance is Important

The Importance of the Systems Compared with just a few years ago, the cost of surveillance systems has become much more affordable now. CCTV Camera Pros offers entry level systems with 4 cameras for as low as $1199.99. As a result, for day cares to be competitive, they need to consider, not only cameras, but also remote surveillance access services for parents to watch their children. Parents want to know their children are safe, owners want to give them that peace of mind, and a digital surveillance system can do just that.

If you are an owner or manager of a child day care center and are interested in speaking with a surveillance system professional, please contact CCTV Camera Pros at 888-849-2288 for more information and a live demonstration.

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