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Viewing CCTV Cameras with Apple TV Airplay

Demo video that shows how to use Airplay on AppleTV to view CCTV cameras connected to an iDVR surveillance recorder from CCTV Camera Pros. This video and supporting documentation was created by .

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Video Transcript

This video will demonstrate how to use the Mobile CMS iPad App for the iDVR and Airplay on AppleTV to view CCTV cameras live on an LCD TV.

Apple TV Airplay CCTV Camera Network Diagram

This diagram illustrates the network and cabling that is used to connect the Apple TV via Airplay to the video surveillance system.

Apple TV CCTV Cameras Wiring Diagram

On the right, our security cameras are hard wired via coaxial cable to the surveillance DVR. The DVR is connected to our network router using CAT-5 cable. On the left, we have an Apple TV receiver connected to a 42" LCD TV via HDMI cable. The Apple TV is connected to the network over WIFI. The iPad is also connected to the network over WIFI. Please note that you can also connect to a surveillance system remotely over the Internet. The DVR can be in a different location from the Apple TV and iPad and does not have to be on the same local network.

Here we have the Apple TV on the television screen along with the iPad that I will use to access the iDVR. First, I launch the MobileCMS iPad app for the iDVR on the iPad. I then select the DVR that I want to view.

Next, to display the screen of the iPad on the TV, I will enable the Airplay and screen share function by double tapping on the home button of the iPad then sliding the menu to the right.

Click on the up arrow and select Apple TV and mirroring on. The screen of the television connected to the Apple TV reciever will now display the screen of the iPad. Any screen activity on the iPad will now also be diplayed on the TV, including the live surveillance video footage from our iDVR.

I can switch to and from single, four camera, nine camera, and sixteen camera grid views. To disable Airplay screen mirroring, double tap on the iPad home button again. Slide the menu to the right, and press the up arrow as we did earlier. Then select iPad. Screen mirroring is now disabled.

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Thank you for watching.

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Surveillance Equipment

The following video surveillance and Apple equipment was used in the making of this video. Please refer to this network diagram to see how the equipment is connected.

Any of these Viewtron Surveillance DVRs or and iDVR CCTV recorders can be used to broadcast CCTV video to TVs using the iOS app and Apple TV.
iDVR-RT16 Surveillance DVR MobileCMS iPad App Pro
A 16 Channel D1 iDVR-RT16 recorder that was used in this video. Please note that iDVR-E4, iDVR-E8, and iDVR-E16 surveillance DVRs can also be used with the MobileCMS iPad app used in this video.

The MobileCMS HD Pro iPad app allows user to view cameras live and share with Apple TV via Airplay. The MobileCMS iPad app work with these iDVR series recorders from CCTV Camera Pros.

AppleTV DPRO-AS700 Vandal Dome Camera
An Apple TV receiver is connected to the 42" LCD television. The DPRO-AS700 vandal dome camera is located in camera position 2 in the video. We use the DPRO-AS700 to monitor outside of the front door to our office.
IR PTZ Camera Dome Infrared Camera
The PTZ-WIR12X IR PTZ camera is on channel one in the video. The DPRO-9620VF indoor dome IR camera is located in camera positions 4 and 7 in the video. We use the DPRO-9620VF to monitor our sales floor and the hallway that leads to the warehouse.
IR Dome Camera Hidden PIR Camera
The DPRO-EC550VF2 IR dome camera is located in camera positions 5 and 6 in the video. These two camera monitor our warehouse. The PIR-IR60 hidden infrared camera is located in camera position 2 in the video. This camera is monitoring one of our manager offices.

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View CCTV Cameras using Apple TV

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Video Author & Producer

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