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Surveillance Video Backup

Chat TranscriptThe following email transcript described how to export surveillance video to standard AVI video that can be played in Windows Media Player. Our JP series surveillance DVRs are referenced in this particular article.

Support Email From Customer


I am looking into purchasing a new surveillance DVR for my CCTV system. I am having to stop using my old model because it records video in a format which I cannot play on anything outside the DVR itself.

Right now, the model I have my eye on at your shop is this one:

Can you please tell me, what video format does this DVR records in, and is it compatible to be played in other applications, such as in Windows Media Player?

Thank you!

CCTV Camera Pros Support Response

Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros.  The JP series DVR is an excellent choice for what you are trying to do.  The DVR natively records in JPEG video format, however, you can backup videos to a USB drive or the DVD Drive.  When you backup surveillance video to a DVD or to a USB drive, the DVR also exports a video player that runs in Internet Explorer as an Active X control, or you can download the standalone video backup player here which is he latest version:

The backup video player can be used on any Windows XP or Windows Vista computer. The backup surveillance video player lets you further export video and still images from the exported video.  The still images are exported as JPEG images which can be opened in photoshop or any image editing program that supports JPEG and video is exported as AVI which can be played in Windows Media Player and any other Windows based video player that supports AVI files (which almost all of them do).

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

-CCTV Camera Pros Support