CCTV Camera Pros is a direct supplier of security cameras (analog CCTV, 720p and 1080p HD CCTV, and network IP), video surveillance systems, and CCTV equipment (Closed Circuit Television). We supply video surveillance systems for home, business and government. We sell to end users, resellers, and installers. We started our company in 2006 specializing in CCTV camera systems. As technology advanced, we expanded our product offering to network IP cameras and HD security camera systems that use AHD cameras (analog high definition), HD-SDI, and TVI cameras. We also carry hundreds of video surveillance accessories such as DVRs, cables, connectors, tools, test monitors, and more.

Video surveillance systems that support with remote Internet viewing is our specialty. Most of our surveillance systems include DVR viewer software for Mac and Windows PCs, as well as mobile camera viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. We sell many complete systems that are pre-configured and easy to install.

The team at CCTV Camera Pros constantly strives to provide the best customer service & technical support in the industry. We also provide the most competitive pricing possible on our products. You can read more about CCTV Camera Pros here.


HD CCTV, IP Camera Test Monitor, AHD TVI CVI SDI, Analog CCTV Cameras 4ch HD CCTV Camera DVR, 1080p AHD, HD-TVI, Mac iOS Android Mobile Apps
Our Price: $599.99
Our Price: $549.99
HD CCTV IP Camera Test Monitor 960H CCTV / HD security camera hybrid DVR
The MON-7HD HD CCTV / IP Camera Test Monitor features:
  • 7 inch TFT LCD Monitor (1280 x 800 Resolution)
  • BNC Video Input / BNC Video Out for CCTV Camera Testing
  • HD BNC Input for AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI / EX-SDI Camera Testing
  • Supports TVI 2.0 and 3.0 (2, 3, 5, and 8 Megapixel HD-TVI Cameras)
  • Supports AHD Up to 5 Megapixel
  • Supports CVI Up to 8 Megapixel
  • LAN Input & WiFi for IP Camera Testing
  • Built-in Power Output for Camera Testing (CCTV and IP Cameras)
  • 12V DC 2 Amp Power Output for Powering Cameras
  • POE (24 Watt Max) for Powering PoE IP Cameras
  • USB 5V / 2 Amp Output for Mobile Phone
  • Used in IP and CCTV Testing and Monitoring
  • Built-in PTZ Camera Tester
  • Supports Both Analog and IP PTZ Cameras
  • Built-in RJ-45 Ethernet Cable Tester
  • Built-in POE Tester
  • Carrying Case and Neck Strap
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery & Power Supply for Charging
  • Up To 10 Hours of Battery Life with Normal Use
  • Works with PAL and NTSC Cameras
  • 8GB Micro SD Card Included (Supports up to 32GB)
  • Supports RS-485 for PTZ Control
  • Dimensions - 240mm (9.44") x 152mm (6") x 47mm (1.87")

The iDVR-PRO4A 4 Channel 960H CCTV DVR features:

  • 4 Camera Video Inputs (BNC camera inputs)
  • Supports Analog CCTV, HD-TVI and AHD Cameras (Hybrid DVR)
  • D1, 960H, 720p, 1080p Cameras Supported
  • 30 FPS Real Time Recording per channel up to 1080p resolution
  • 4 Channel RCA Audio Surveillance Inputs
  • UTC (Up the Coax) Support to Control PTZ Over RG59 Video Cable
  • Stand Alone DVR / Embedded Linux Operating System
  • Latest H.264 Video Compression
  • Windows and MAC Software Included
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile Apps Included
  • 1 Internal Hard Drives Bay (Up to 6TB Drives Supported)
  • 500GB Hard Drive Installed (Upgrades available)
  • HDMI and VGA output with 1080p HD Resolution
  • 2 Alarm Inputs / 2 Alarm Relay Outputs
  • Includes USB Mouse
1080p AHD CCTV Camera System, 4 Weatherproof HD Cameras, DVR, Apps 960H Security DVR Surveillance System, 2 Bullet Infrared CCTV Cameras
Our Price: $1,199.99
Our Price: $599.99
1080p AHD CCTV Camera System 960H DVR Surveillance System

The HD-S4BL 1080p AHD CCTV camera system features:

The SYSPRO-2BI960 2 Camera 960H DVR System features:

  • 4 Channel iDVR-PRO4A
  • (2) BIPRO-540L4 IR Cameras
  • (2) 100 Foot Pre-made Cables
  • Windows & Mac Compatible
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Apps
  • Web Browsers Access
  • 500GB Hard Drive Included
CCTV Camera DVR, 16 Channel HD AHD HD-TVI 960H, Mac iOS & Android Apps 1080p AHD Hidden Camera System, 4 HD Covert PIR Security Cameras, IR
Our Price: $1,299.99
Our Price: $999.99
CCTV Camera DVR 1080p AHD Hidden Camera System

The iDVR-PRO16H 16 channel CCTV Camera DVR features:

  • Hybrid DVR Supports CCTV, AHD & HD-TVI Cameras
  • 16 Camera Video Inputs (BNC camera inputs)
  • D1, 960H, 720p, 1080p Cameras Supported
  • 30 FPS Real Time Recording on all Channels - 480 FPS Total
  • 16 Channel Audio Surveillance Inputs
  • Stand Alone DVR / Embedded Linux Operating System
  • Latest H.264 Video Compression
  • Windows and MAC Software Included
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile Apps Included
  • 4 Internal Hard Drives Bays (Up to 6TB Drives Supported)
  • 4 Hard Drives Supported without DVD Burner
  • Supports RAID 1 and 5 Disk Mirroring Configurations
  • 1 Terra-Byte Hard Drive Installed (Upgrades available)
  • HDMI and VGA output with 1080p HD Resolution
  • 16 Alarm Inputs / 8 Alarm Relay Outputs / 8 Digital Alarm Outputs
  • Includes USB Mouse
  • Includes Wireless Remote Control
  • Optional DVD Burner

The HD-S4PIR 1080p AHD hidden camera system features:

HD Security Cameras

CCTV Camera Pros now offers HD security cameras and DVRs that are capable of capturing video surveillance at full 1080p HD resolution. This new technology is called AHD (analog high definition). AHD cameras are hard wired to a DVR using RG59 coax cable, just like analog CCTV cameras. AHD cameras are available in 720p and 1080p resolution.

We also have Hybrid CCTV / HD camera DVRs that support both traditional CCTV cameras and these new HD cameras. Hybrid DVRs are extremely practical because they allow customers to use their existing analog cameras (standard definition) and add high definition cameras to their system when they are ready. For new users, they may want to go with a 100% high definition system right away. The same DVR is used because every channel supports real time video recording at any resolution (D1, 960H, 720p, and 1080p). Best of all, users can view all of their cameras remotely over the Internet using the best apps available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Watch the below video to see a comparison of a 1080p security camera vs traditional CCTV camera resolution.

Important Note: it is recommended that you watch this video at full 1080p resolution by clicking on the settings button in the YouTube player (the one that looks like a gear) and selecting 1080p HD. Then click on the full screen button to watch in full screen mode.


HD CCTV Cameras

A AHD-AD24H dome HD camera was used to capture the high definition video that appears above. Please click here to see the AHD-AD24H and all of the HD security cameras that we carry.


This is the DVR that was used to create the above video. The iDVR-PRO16H is a hybrid DVR that works with both standard definition and HD surveillance cameras. It includes remote viewer applications for Mac and Windows PCs. There are also mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices that let you view your cameras live as well as play back recorded video surveillance footage on your DVR's hard drive. Click here to learn more about iDVR-PRO hybrid HD CCTV DVRs.

HD Security Camera System

We now offer complete HD security camera systems that include a DVR, 1080p resolution HD CCTV cameras, cables, connectors, and power supplies. We can mix and match a variety of camera types based on your needs. We can also upgrade DVRs, power supply boxes, and hard drive space.


Not everyone's needs are the same. CCTV Camera Pros can create a custom surveillance system quote for you consisting of a mix of cameras based on your requirements. We can also use a mix of both standard and high definition cameras. We supply everything that you need to install the system yourself including cables, connectors, power supplies, monitors, and most important WORLD CLASS LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT that you can count on. You can use this form to request a quote.

HD Surveillance Videos

Want to watch some demonstration videos to get familiar with our products, please click here to go to the video gallery.


CCTV Camera Pros has specialized in surveillance systems with remote viewing capabilities since before the first iPhone was launched. Our co-founder, Mike Haldas, designed one of the first iPhone apps available in the app store to view cameras remotely. Since then, our product research and development team constantly looks for the best iOS apps available. At this time, we are recommending the iDVR-PRO Viewer app that is included with our iDVR-PRO CCTV / HD camera DVRs and HD CCTV systems. You can learn more about how to view your security cameras remotely from iPhone and iPad here.

iOS DVR Viewer App

iPhone App Demo

Watch this video to see the iDVR-PRO iPhone app remotely viewing security cameras.


Shortly after iOS, Android mobile was launched by Google. We quickly launched an Android version of our original IP camera viewer app and since then we have launched additional Android apps for the different DVR lines that we supply. We are currently recommending our iDVR-PRO Viewer app for Android. This app allows users to connect to one of more DVR locations and view all of the their security cameras live. The app also supports recorded video search and playback from remotely over the Internet. The iDVR-PRO Viewer app is included with all iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs and 1080p HD camera systems. You can learn more about how to view your security cameras remotely from Android here.

Android DVR Viewer App

Android App Demo

Watch this video to see the iDVR-PRO app for Android remotely viewing security cameras.


The Mac software for iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs is the best that we have tested. We highly recommend iDVR-PRO for Macintosh users that want to view their cameras remotely. The latest software supports viewing HD security cameras at full 1080p resolution. 720p cameras display in 720p resolution. In addition to the live view support, the Mac software also supports remote search and playback of video surveillance footage recorded to the DVR's hard drive. Learn more about the Mac iDVR-PRO Viewer software here.

Mac Software to View Security Cameras

Mac Software Demo

Watch this video to see the Mac software remotely viewing security cameras.


The Windows software for iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs lets users connect to one or more DVRs and setup custom camera views using cameras at different locations. For users that have only one DVR / location, the live camera views may be configured for just one location. The latest software supports viewing 1080p HD CCTV cameras at full 1080p resolution. In addition to the live viewing support, the Windows CMS software also supports remote search and playback of recorded video footage recorded from the DVR's hard drive. Learn more about the Windows DVR Viewer software here.

Windows Software to View Security Cameras

Windows Software Demo

Watch this video to see the Windows software used to remotely view HD security cameras.


Security camera installation is available. CCTV Camera Pros has partnered with local installers around the United States to assist customers who are also looking for installation services. We have qualified installation partners who can assist with home, business, and government security projects. Please visit our CCTV video surveillance installations page to see the locations where we have partners.


Security installers wanted to partner with CCTV Camera Pros. If you are licensed installer in your area and are interested in getting listed in our installer directory. Please click here to apply and if you qualify, we will refer local CCTV installation jobs to you.

CCTV Camera Pros

is a direct supplier of security cameras, video surveillance systems, and CCTV equipment. We supply analog CCTV, HD-SDI and network IP surveillance equipment worldwide.
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