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CCTV Camera Pros is a direct supplier of security cameras and video surveillance systems for home, business, and government. We sell to DIY installers, resellers, government buyers, and professional installers. We started our company in 2006 with a specialty in CCTV cameras and CCTV systems. As technology advanced, we expanded our product catalog to include the following products.

Video surveillance systems that support with remote security camera viewing is another specialty of ours. Most of our surveillance systems include DVR viewer software for Mac and Windows PCs, as well as camera viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. We sell many complete systems that are pre-configured and easy to install.

The team at CCTV Camera Pros constantly strives to provide the best customer service & technical support in the industry. We also provide the most competitive pricing possible on our products. You can read more about CCTV Camera Pros here. We also encourage customers to check out our reviews and BBB rating.


LPR System w/ License Plate Reader Camera, NVR w/ PoE, ANPR Software Home Surveillance System, DVR, IR Bullet Cameras, iPhone, Android App
Our Price: $1,099.99
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Our Price: $599.99
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LPR System Home Surveillance System

The VT-LPR-S1 LPR / ANPR Camera System features:

  • 8 Channel Viewtron NVR
  • (1) LPR-IP7 1080p HD LPR Camera
  • (1) 100 Foot Pre-made Cables
  • License Plate Detection / Capture
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Windows & Mac Client Software
  • iPhone & Android Mobile Apps
  • Watch LPR Video Demos

The SYSPRO-4BI047 Surveillance System features:

1080p HD CCTV Camera, HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, Analog Infrared Weatherproof 16 Channel IP Camera System, 16 Cameras, 2mp / 1080p Infrared Bullet
Our Price: $99.99
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Our Price: $2,499.99
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1080p HD CCTV Camera 167ch IP Camera System
The HD-Q7 HD CCTV Camera features:
  • Video Format: 4 Selectable Modes
  • HD Formats: AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI
  • Analog Format: CVBS (analog CCTV)
  • HD Resolution: 1080p / 2 Megapixel
  • Analog Resolution: 960H / 1000 TVL
  • Video Output: BNC Connector
  • Infrared: Yes. 30-50 Meters
  • Weatherproof: Yes. IP67 Housing
  • Lens: 2.8mm Fixed / 105 Degree
  • Style: White Bullet, Metal
  • Install: Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • Power: 12V DC
  • NDAA Compliant: Yes
  • Watch Video Demo

The VT-S16B2 16ch IP Camera System features:

  • 16ch NVR with PoE
  • (16) 2mp / 1080p Bullet Cameras
  • (16) 100 Foot Pre-made Cables
  • 3.6mm Fixed Lens
  • IR Night Vision
  • IP67 Weatherproof Rated
  • Windows & Mac Client Software
  • iPhone & Android Mobile Apps
LPR IP Camera, License Plate Recognition, ANPR ONVIF PoE Infrared IP67 4MP IP Bullet Camera, IR Night Vision, ONVIF, Motorized Zoom, PoE, AI
Our Price: $549.99
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Our Price: $249.99
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LPR IP Camera 4mp IP Bullet Camera
The LPR-IP7 1080p IP LPR Camera features:
  • Camera Type: Network IP Camera, AI
  • Video Format: H.264, H.265, ONVIF
  • Video Output: RJ-45 / Ethernet
  • Resolution: 1080p / 2mp
  • Infrared: 30-50 Meter IR
  • Weatherproof: Yes. IP67 Housing
  • Lens: 7-22mm Motorized / 50° to 20°
  • Audio: 1ch audio input, 1ch output
  • Alarm Ports: 1ch input, 1ch output
  • Style: White Bullet, Metal
  • Install: Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • SD Card: Yes. Built-in Micro SD Slot
  • AI: License Plate Recognition / ANPR
  • Power: 12V DC / PoE
  • Watch Video Demo
The IP-A4BZ 4mp IP Bullet Camera features:
  • Camera Type: Network / IP, AI
  • Video Format: H.264, H.264s, H.265, H.265+, H.265s, ONVIF
  • Video Output: RJ-45 / Ethernet
  • Resolution: 4mp ( 2592 × 1520 )
  • Infrared: 30-50 Meter IR
  • Weatherproof: Yes. IP67 Housing
  • Lens: 2.8-12mm Motorized Zoom Lens
  • Audio: 1ch audio input
  • Style: White Bullet, Metal
  • Install: Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • SD Card: Yes. Built-in Micro SD Slot
  • AI: Face, People, Vehicle Detection
  • Power: 12V DC / PoE
  • NDAA Compliant Camera: Yes
  • Watch Demo Video

AI Security Cameras

AI Security Camera Night-time Car Detection

Our new Viewtron AI cameras support the following advanced video analytics and applications:

Object detection using AI cameras is much more reliable than traditional video motion detection. No more false alarms! And our Ai cameras have IR night vision. Watch the above video to see a demo of the night time vehicle detection. You can see watch all of our AI software videos here and learn more about our AI cameras and security systems here.

HD Security Cameras

CCTV Camera Pros supplies all major BNC type HD security cameras that are currently being manufactured. These cameras are sometimes referred to as HD-over-Coax cameras, analog high definition, and HD-CCTV. They are are hard wired to a DVR using RG59 coax cable, just like traditional analog CCTV cameras. They support 720p, 1080p, 4 megapixel, 5 megapixel, and 8 megapixel / 4k video resolution. We also sell network IP cameras. Most of our cameras have built-in IR night vision.

We highly recommend our Viewtron hybrid CCTV DVRs for BNC cameras and Viewtron NVRs with PoE for IP cameras. Learn more Viewtron below.

4K Security Camera DVRs


Viewtron Hybrid CCTV / HD BNC DVRs support traditional analog CCTV cameras, the latest HD BNC camera standards (AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI), and network IP cameras. Our hybrid DVRs are extremely practical because they allow customers to use their existing analog cameras (standard definition) and add high definition cameras to their system when they are ready to upgrade.

For new security systems, most customers use all HD cameras. These DVRs are great for those customers as well because every channel supports video recording at any resolution (D1, 960H, 720p, 1080p, 5MP, 8MP / 4K).

IP Camera NVRs

IP Camera NVR

We also supply these IP camera NVRs with built-in PoE. NVRs are for 100% IP camera systems. Our Viewtron NVRs have specialized features for these AI security cameras. Car detection, person detection, face detection, and license plate recognition is supported. You can watch video demos of Viewtron AI camera features here. In addition to 8ch and 16ch, we now have Viewtron 32 channel NVR and 64 channel NVR models.

With Viewtron DVRs and NVRs, users can view you cameras remotely over the Internet with the best mobile apps and desktop software available. All Viewtron recorders include remote camera viewer software for Mac and Windows PCs. They are also mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. All mobile apps and desktop software also support search and play back of recorded video surveillance footage on the DVR's hard drive. Click here to learn more about the remote viewing security system apps & software.

Complete HD Camera Systems

Hybrid 4K Security Camera DVR

Watch this video to see how easy it is to operate our Viewtron video surveillance systems.

We supply Viewtron 1080p BNC camera systems, 4K BNC camera systems, and network IP camera systems that include a DVR / NVR, HD cameras, cables, connectors, and power supplies. We can mix and match a variety of camera types based on your needs, including bullet and dome cameras with IR night vision. We can also upgrade DVRs, power supply boxes, and hard drive space. You can request a custom quote and free consultation here.

Live TV Display Systems

Security Camera Live TV Display

Some customers do not need recording, and use surveillance cameras for a live video display on a TV monitor. CCTV Camera Pros sells these live security camera TV display systems for this purpose. We have supplied our TV display systems for dance studios, video monitoring for manufacturing QA, boat camera display systems, and many other types of installation where recording is not needed.

Free Quotes

We realize there are a lot of options available, which is why we provide free phone consultations. CCTV Camera Pros can create a custom surveillance system quote for you consisting of a mix of cameras based on your requirements. We supply everything that you need for professional or DIY installations including cables, connectors, power supplies, and monitors.

Most important CCTV Camera Pros provides World Class Lifetime Technical Support from our office in West Palm Beach, Florida. You can use this form to request a free quote and consultation.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR ANPR Camera System

CCTV Camera Pros designs license plate recognition systems for customers worldwide. Our Viewtron LPR camera systems have built-in license plate reader / automatic number plate recognition software. Watch the above video to see the Viewtron IP-LPR7 LPR camera used with (2) Viewtron AI security cameras to provide a complete solution.

We highly recommend that any customer interested in installing one of these system to check out our LPR system installation guide.

Video Demos

CCTV Security

Almost all of our analog CCTV cameras and HD surveillance cameras have links to demo videos available. We encourage customers to see the high quality of our products before they buy them.

iPhone App

CCTV Camera Pros has specialized in surveillance systems with remote viewing capabilities since before the first iPhone was launched. Our co-founder, Mike Haldas, designed one of the first iPhone apps available in the app store to view cameras remotely. Since then, our product research and development team constantly looks for the best iOS apps available. At this time, we are recommending the Viewtron security camera viewer app. The app works with Viewtron hybrid security camera DVRs, IP camera NVRs, and directly with Viewtron IP cameras. You can learn more about how to view your security cameras remotely from iPhone and iPad here.

iOS DVR Viewer App

iPhone App Demo

Watch this video to see the iDVR-PRO iPhone app remotely viewing security cameras.

iPhone Security Camera View

Android Mobile App

View Your Security Cameras Live & Playback Recorded Video Surveillance with the Viewtron Android App.

Android DVR Viewer App

The Android security camera viewer app works with the following products.

Android App Demo

Android Remote Security Camera View

Watch this video to see the Viewtron app for Android remotely viewing security cameras.


Mac IP Camera & DVR Software

Mac software for Viewtron security camera systems works with IP Cameras, CCTV DVRs, and IP camera NVRs. The software is capable of connecting to multiple devices across multiple locations.

Mac Security Camera Software

Watch this video to see the Mac security camera software connect to a Mike's home security system DVR and an Viewtron AI security camera installed at CCTV Camera Pros warehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida.


View Security Cameras from Windows PC Software

View your security camera with Windows PC software that is included with all Viewtron DVRs and NVRs. You can access your security cameras remotely from the Viewtron VMS software via any WIFI or cellular connection. There are no additional monthly fees. In addition to the live camera view, the Windows DVR viewer software can also search and playback recorded video surveillance footage on your DVR's hard drive. Learn more about how to view your security cameras with Windows PC software here.


POS Camera Systems

Best POS

CCTV Camera Pros has security camera systems with POS text overlay integration available. CCTV Camera Pros has partnered with NRS to provide complete point of sale systems with text overlay on security cameras. NRS provides the worlds greatest POS and CCTV Camera Pros Viewtron surveillance system product line is the best in the industry. CCTV Camera Pros and NRS both hold the highest standards for customer care and technical support, which is one reason why retail businesses love when our products are paired together. Please contact if you have questions or would like to schedule a free phone consultation.


Security camera installation is available. Although CCTV Camera Pros is not an installation company, we have partnered with local installers around the United States to assist customers who are also looking for security camera installation services. We now have a partner that provides security camera system installation in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our installation partner can provide security camera installation in Broward County, Florida through our professional installer. We have qualified installation partners who can assist with home, business, and government security projects. Please visit our CCTV video surveillance installations page to see the locations where we have partners.


Security installers wanted to partner with CCTV Camera Pros. If you are licensed installer in your area and are interested in getting listed in our installer directory. Please click here to apply and if you qualify, we will refer local CCTV installation jobs to you.

CCTV Camera Pros

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