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Adding a Audio Surveillance Microphone to a Security Camera System

Chat TranscriptAudio surveillance microphones can be added to the security camera systems that CCTV camera pros carries.  A microphone, cable with audio support, and a audio capable DVR is required for this.  The systems that will be discussed in this transcript are capable of recording audio as well as broadcasting live audio over speakers.

Support Transcript:

Business Owner: Hello. I am looking for a 4 camera security system that has audio surveillance capability.

CCTV Support: Hello.  I will be able to help you with that.  You can add an audio surveillance microphone to any of the 4 camera systems that we offer.  You also need a set of CCTV cables with audio for each camera that you want to ad a microphone to.  Here is a link that explains how to setup the surveillance microphone.

Business Owner: Do the DVRs that you sell support recording the audio?

CCTV Support: The surveillance DVRs that we supply do support the ability for you to both record the audio as well as listen to it live over speakers.  I have 2 recommendations as far as which DVR to use.  If you want a stand alone DVR, I recommend this stand alone surveillance DVR with Audio support.  If you prefer a PC based system, I recommend this Geovision PC surveillance DVR with Audio support.

Business Owner: Which cameras can I use with the Audio?

CCTV Support: All of our cameras work with the microphone and the two DVRs that I mentioned.

Business Owner: Thank You for your help. I do not have any further questions and will be back when I am ready to place my order.

CCTV Support: Your welcome.  Have a great weekend.