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CCTV Camera Surveillance Videos

CCTV Camera Surveillance Video

This page contains demo surveillance videos captured using CCTV cameras that CCTV Camera Pros supplies. The team at CCTV Camera Pros tests every model security camera before we begin selling them to make sure that they perform to the high standards that we hold.

We believe that our customers should be able to see how products perform before they decide to buy, so we post the results of our camera testing videos on this page.

BIPRO-540L4 IR Security Camera Day / Night Video BIPRO-9004 Bullet Infrared Security Camera Video
This video demo shows footage captured by a BIPRO-540L4 in normal light and zero light conditions.
This demo contains two demo CCTV surveillance video clips captured using a BIPRO-9004 bullet infrared security camera.
BIPRO-9007 Infrared Security Camera BPRO-316VF Varifocal Bullet CCTV Camera Video
This video demonstrates the footage captured by a BIPRO-9007 in normal light and low / zero light conditions.
In this video, we are demonstrating the BPRO-316VF varifocal bullet CCTV camera in normal and low light surveillance conditions.
BPRO-OL952 Lipstick Bullet CCTV Camera Demo CCTV Security Camera Smart IR Video Sample
The BPRO-OL952 is a small lipstick bullet camera from CCTV Camera Pros. This video contains two CCTV video surveillance demos that were captured using this camera.
This video demonstrates the smart IR technology built into a CCTV camera by comparing the video captured by a security camera without smart IR.
DPRO-92311 Dome Security Camera Video Demo DPRO-9620VF Indoor Dome IR Security Camera Demo
The DPRO-92311 is a CCTV dome security camera designed for indoor video
surveillance applications. This video demo shows the normal and low
light video surveillance performance of the camera in an office setting.
This demo surveillance video footage was captured using the latest DPRO-9620VF indoor dome IR security camera from CCTV Camera Pros.
DPRO-AD940 CCTV Camera Surveillance Video DPRO-AS600 Vandal-proof Dome CCTV Camera Sample Video
This video demonstrates the DPRO-AD940 940nm LEDs that do not emit a red glow like traditional infrared surveillance LEDs do.
These are day and night video surveillance tests using a DPRO-AS600 vandal-proof dome CCTV camera.
DPRO-AS700 Vandal Dome Surveillance Video DPRO-B24DHR Infrared Dome CCTV Camera Video
This surveillance video demonstrates the day and night infrared capability of the DPRO-AS700 vandal-proof dome CCTV camera. The video also shows the smart IR capability of the camera.
This video demonstrates the day and night vision capability of the DPRO-B24DHR using two sample surveillance video clips.
DPRO-EC550VF2 IR Dome Camera Sample Video DPRO-L36 Infrared Dome CCTV Camera Demo
This video contains as sample video of the DPRO-EC550VF2 taken in normal light and a zero light infrared night vision video as well.
This video discusses the main features of the DPRO-L36 and also shows two surveillance video clips that were captured using the camera.
Elevator Security Camera with Wireless CCTV Transmission System HCPRO-420SC Fire Sprinkler Camera Demo Video
The ELT-29 is an elevator security camera with an optional wireless CCTV video transmission system. This surveillance camera is corner-ceiling mounted and provides a super wide angle of view, which makes it great for elevators and small rooms.
This video demo shows surveillance footage captured by a HCPRO-420SC in normal and low light conditions.
Hidden Smoke Detector Security Camera Video License Plate Camera vs Non-LPR Security Camera
The HCPRO-SD380 is a hidden smoke detector camera that is used in CCTV surveillance systems. The HCPRO-SD380 uses a tiny pinhole spy camera inside of a smoke detector housing that is virtually undetectable.
This video demo shows the comparison of a license plate camera and a standard CCTV camera when trying to capture the license plates of moving automobiles.
Mini Pinhole CCTV Spy Camera Surveillance Video Outdoor IR CCTV Camera Zero Light Infrared
The MINI-540CO is a pinhole CCTV spy camera that uses a pinhole lens to capture video surveillance. This video demonstrates the normal light and low light surveillance capability of the camera.
The BIPRO-S600VF12 is an outdoor IR CCTV camera. This video surveillance footage captured by this camera in normal light, low light, and zero light infrared-mode conditions.
PIR-BL7 CCTV Camera with Motion Detector Light PIR-IR60 940nm Invisible Infrared LED Test Video
The PIR-BL7 is both a CCTV security camera and a motion detector light that turns on via the built-in PIR sensor.
CCTV Camera Pros tests the PIR-IR60 hidden IR camera to see if the 940nm LEDs are truly undetectable by using an iPhone and recording surveillance video footage from the IR60.
PIR-IR60 Hidden Infrared CCTV Spy Camera Demo PRO-680DN 2.8-12mm Box CCTV Security Camera Video
This demo contains two sample surveillance video clips that were captured with the PIR-IR60 hidden infrared CCTV camera.
This video demonstrates the angle of view and zoom level capability of a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens using a PRO-680DN28 box security camera from CCTV Camera Pros.
PRO-680DN 5-100mm Box CCTV Camera Video
Using a PRO-680DN100 box CCTV camera, this video demonstrates 6mm and 100mm lens settings using the 5-100mm vari-focal auto-iris lens.