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Elevator Security Camera with Wireless CCTV Transmission System

The ELT-29 is an elevator security camera with an optional wireless CCTV video transmission system. This surveillance camera is corner-ceiling mounted and provides a super wide angle of view, which makes it great for elevators and small rooms.

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Video Transcript

This video demonstrates the normal and low light infrared capability of the ELT-29 elevator security camera, which can be used with or without the wireless elevator transmission system seen here. To test this CCTV camera, I mounted it in the corner of my office which is nine and a half feet wide by eleven and a half feet deep. This is larger than most elevators but as you can see, the camera does not have any blind spots, even if the area was much smaller. The 2.9 millimeter lens captures an angle of view that is wider than 90 degrees without any distortion or warping.

I found through my installation and testing that although this camera was originally designed for elevator surveillance, it actually looks great as a corner mount camera in an office and being that it has built in infrared LED's that can see in zero light, it can be effective for elevator and non elevator systems. Here is the video footage that I captured. I enter the office through the doorway that's located directly below the camera, and notice how the wide angle lens actually captures the door that is located directly below it. There is literally no blind spots in this small room. I open up the blinds.

I'm just going to make sure I have full light in this room so that you can see the color picture that this camera gets under normal lighting conditions. Then I'm going to go ahead and shut the blinds and turn off the lights so that the camera switches to infrared mode. When it does this, it will appear like there's a lot of light coming in through that window but there's really not. It's just because the camera is so sensitive that it looks bright in this room but it’s extremely dim, there's almost no light and you can see the camera does a great job in infrared mode. I'll flip the lights back on and the camera will turn back to color daytime mode. And there's our video test.

As mentioned, the ELT-29 can be used with an optional wireless video transmission system, made specifically for elevator installations. Here's how it works. The camera is hardwired to the wireless transmitter using RG59 coax cable. This is just like any standard CCTV camera installation. The transmitter encodes the video into an optical laser signal. This guarantees that there is no interference from other wireless technologies such as wifi or radio frequency. This is extremely reliable. The laser signal is sent through a receiver unit where it is decoded back into an analog video signal. The receiver unit can then be connected to any CCTV DVR or monitor using RG59 coax cable. For more information on the ELT-29 elevator camera and the optional wireless video transmission system that CCTV Camera Pro supplies, please visit Thank you for watching.

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ELT-29 CCTV Elevator Camera

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