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Small Lipstick Bullet CCTV Camera Video Surveillance Demo

The BPRO-OL952 is a small lipstick bullet camera from CCTV Camera Pros. This video contains two CCTV video surveillance demos that were captured using this camera.

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Video Transcript

In this video we display two sample video surveillance clips captured with the BPRO-OL952 Bullet CCTV Camera. The office where the video was captured is 13 feet wide by 21 feet deep. The video on the left was captured in a normal office light setting with all of the lights turned on. For the video on the right, we created a very low light setting with all of the office lights turned off and just a few computer monitors turned on to create some ambient light.

The BPRO-OL952 is extremely small. It is sometimes referred to as a lipstick cam because the length of the bullet enclosure is about the size of the average lipstick case. This camera has a built-in onscreen display which can be accessed via the joystick located in line on the camera cable. The sense up setting in the OSD let's you adjust the camera's intensifier to compensate for low light environments. The sense up setting for the low light video that you just watched was set to 4 times but it can go as high as 256 times. There are many other settings users can tweak in the OSD. For most users the factory default settings work great.

For more information and to purchase the BPRO-OL952, please visit Thank you for watching.

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BPRO-OL952 Bullet Surveillance Camera

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BPRO-OL952 Small Lipstick Bullet CCTV Camera

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