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License Plate Camera vs Non-LPR Security Camera

License plate camera (LPR cameras) are specialized security cameras that have built-in hardware and software features that compensate for challenges present in automobile traffic applications. This video shows how an LPR camera compares to a standard CCTV camera when trying to capture the license plates of moving automobiles.

Best LPR Camera

LPR Camera

Important UPDATE! The LPR-IP4 is now the best LPR camera that CCTV Camera Pros supplies. This license plate recognition camera is capable of capturing license plates at speeds up to 75 MPH (120 KPH) at an effective distance of 21 to 90 feet (7 to 30 meters). The ALPR software (automatic license plate software) is fully integrated with our Viewtron IP camera NVRs. You can find complete LPR camera systems here.

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Video Transcript

This video compares a license plate camera to a regular security camera in a traffic surveillance application. LPR cameras are also known as license plate recognition cameras and they are made specifically to capture the numbers and letters of license plates even when vehicles are moving at a high rate of speed. License plate cameras are manufactured with hardware and software technology that compensates for vehicles moving at high rates of speed, headlight glare and the reflective material that license plates are made of in some countries and states.

As you can see in this side by side comparison, the license plates of the moving vehicles are blurry when captured by a standard security camera, but the LPR camera is able to compensate for the vehicle's speed and captures the license plate clearly. Also, when you compare the light glare from the headlights and tail lights of the cars you can see that the LPR camera image is much clearer.

LPR cameras should be connected to a high quality DVR that is able to maximize the full resolution of the camera and record at least thirty frames per second. If you want to learn more about license plate capture applications, please visit Thank you for watching.

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