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Hidden Smoke Detector Security Camera Video Surveillance Demo

The HCPRO-SD380 is a hidden smoke detector camera that is used in CCTV surveillance systems. The HCPRO-SD380 uses a tiny pinhole spy camera inside of a smoke detector housing that is virtually undetectable.

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Video Transcript

The HCPRO-SD380 is a smoke detector security camera that could be used as a hidden spy cam for video surveillance applications. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the video quality that the camera provides. The size of the room where the camera is mounted is 29 feet by 28 feet. The smoke detector camera is mounted in this corner of the room at 9 feet high. This door is 36 feet away from where the camera is mounted. Let's look at the surveillance video footage that we captured with the SD380. I entered the room from the far door that's opposite corner from the camera and again that door is 36 feet away from where the camera is mounted. I stop about 10 feet in front of the camera. Notice how the 3.6 millimeter lens, of the SD380 pretty much covers this entire room. The angle of view is a little less than 90 degrees so the corners of the room below where the camera is mounted are slightly cut off.

To capture that video, our SD380 camera was connected to an iDVR-PRO CCTV DVR. In addition to recording video surveillance, iDVR-PRO's also allow users to monitor their security cameras from IOS and Android mobile devices. Here's a screenshot that I captured while making this video from the iPhone app for iDVR-PRO, and here is one from the Android App. Both of these apps support both live viewing as well as recorded video playback from remotely over the internet and both are included for free. By connecting the HCPRO-SD380 to and iDVR-PRO recorder, users can have a complete hidden camera system. This is where the pinhole camera lens peaks out from the smoke detector housing. As you could see, it's virtually undetectable especially when the camera is mounted to a ceiling that is 8 feet tall or higher. For more information about the HCPRO-SD380 please visit Thank you for watching.

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Hidden Smoke Detector Security Camera

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